It Begins With A Pendant

Most often a maedeup project begins with a pendant. I found this pendant on Etsy and fell in love with it. It is made by Lilly Allen Designs. The pendant is a Christmas present for my mom and has each of our names along with our birthstones. I used black cording because it goes with everything.

Making gifts is a great way to practice maedeup and the design possibilities are infinite. You just have to remember to use enough cording. My Korean maedeup teacher was so precise with figuring how much cording was needed for a project.

Here is a picture of the entire necklace.

I looked out this morning and saw that my grill (which was off at the time) was steaming. It was the strangest sight and I’m sure there is some physics explanation that would be way over my head. It was just something that made me go hmmm.

The tale of the three cats continues. There are still raging hissing matches from time to time so I was shocked to walk into the room to discover this sight. Louie is in the middle keeping an eye on the other two.
The good news is I got a full night of sleep without any interruption.

One Response to “It Begins With A Pendant”

  1. CreekHiker Says:

    Love that pendant! Hope your mom doesn't read your blog!

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