When I Cook Great…

When I cook something new and it turns out, I am surprised and thrilled. While cruising the Internet, I found Steamy Kitchen and this recipe for Korean Style Tacos. My friend Holly would lives out in the Los Angeles area has been telling me about the Kogi BBQ truck that Twitters where he is going to be and people line up for hours to get Korean BBQ on the go.

Steamy Kitchen had a recipe for Korean Style Tacos and when I saw that the ingredients were pretty basic. The only thing you would have to go to a Asian market for is the gochujang (red pepper paste) but I already has some.

I used the ingredients above which included a 1 pound pork roast that I had already slow cooked and pulled apart.

Wisked all the ingredients together.

Then added it to the pulled pork.

The recipe called for some cucumber pickles and I couldn’t find any English or Japanese cucumbers so I just used some Romaine lettuce I had. I served them on a corn tortilla. Rocketman was SHOCKED by the taste. He couldn’t believe I made them and they were so good. Remember, Rocketman has lived with my cooking for 30 years and it’s not uncommon for a new recipe to spell disaster or a quick trip to Subway.
Wait until tomorrow’s post to see the other side of my cooking.

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