It was 1975, the year I fell in love with Barry Manilow. Don’t worry, Rocketman has always known. “Mandy” was the song that introduced me to Barry’s incredible voice and he still gives me shivers today.

I know that cats don’t come when they are called like dogs. But recently I found out that if I sing a song and it’s usually “Mandy” Louie will come running and jump on me and mew a really annoying mew like he’s mad. I don’t know if my singing sounds like a cat which very well could be the reason or if it is just the most annoying sound to a cat. Who knows.

This has been going on for the better part of a month when Rocketman sent me an email with the lyrics to “Mandy.” He had been telling me that I was singing them wrong but I’m the Barry Manilow expert so I refused to listen to him.

Come to find out………….he was right. For 35 years I’ve been singing:

I remember all my life

Rain in Dallas, cold as ice

which really is

Raining down as cold as ice

Now that I thought about it and I never had, rain in Dallas, cold as ice doesn’t make sense. But then when I look at any Stevie Nicks lyrics they don’t make any sense to me either.

I still can’t seem to sing it right but I’m trying. Maybe someday Barry will sing it to me but until then there is always YouTube:



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