Maedeup Bracelets!

It looks like I’m going to be teaching some maedeup classes locally. This bracelet is very easy and uses the hapjong maedeup knot.

This bracelet is made with the dorae maedeup knot.

This week I finally fired up the kiln to do some chilbo (Korean enameling). My Korean teacher always had the copper prepared ready to start. When I left South Korea, she told me (in Korean so hand signals were used since my Korean is minimal) to put the piece into the kiln until black to remove all the grease. Then you scrub off the black and you are ready to go. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? I had no problem with getting the piece to turn black but to remove th black from the copper has been another story.

I have several books on enameling and I don’t know what I am doing wrong but it’s been a bear to remove the black. Hopefully, I figure it out soon!

Tonight is my 50th birthday party and all I wanted was my family together for a dinner. It is hard to accomplish since my son works all different hours and days of the week. My sister fired Rocketman from the planning since he really didn’t know what he was doing. She is picking us up at 6:15pm and we have no idea where we are going. Rocketman did try to get reservations and could not anywhere. We found out today that no one is taking reservations since it is Valentine’s Day weekend. My sister knows I hate to wait a long time to sit and eat so we will see what transpire.

I also pitched some more craft projects to “Twin Cities Live” and am waiting to hear what they think.


2 Responses to “Maedeup Bracelets!”

  1. Den Says:

    The bracelets are gorgeous! Again, Happy Birthday! So where did you wind up going for your birthday?

  2. Sarah Says:

    Oh wow, gorgeous. I'm gearing up to try some maeduep, after the knitting olympics are over. I found a good website to buy cording kits.

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