Maedeup Monday!

During our vacation in South Korea, I had to visit the maedeup shop near Dongdaemum for some more cording and supplies. The owner recognized me right away and was so excited to see us.

He insisted Rocketman take some pictures.

There is maedeup hanging everywhere! I was in heaven.

This pipe is new from when I was there a year ago and it’s displaying maedeup. In fact, someone came in while we were there to put a necklace on it. I think they must do some consigning too.

One of my regrets was to never learn how to make my own cording. It’s on my list but I will need to buy one of these.

I dug in right away and started a pile of everything I needed.

But apparently the owner was nervous because he called Hannah. Hellena was supposed to go with us but she was with us so much that her family was getting upset with her so I told Rocketman we could do this ourselves. Rocketman found the shop with no problem.

They have so much stuff crammed into this tiny space. I had to ask for a few things and we had a little trouble communicating but not really. I got everything I needed.

I had also brought a couple of my maedeup books for them. Wow, were they happy. So happy that they gave me a huge discount of everything and threw in a bunch of freebees. So if you want a good deal in South Korea, bring presents. Now seeing those boxes in this picture, I wish I would have picked some up. Next time.
I was going to have everything shipped so I wouldn’t have to worry about it but it was going to be $100.00 which I thought was a lot so we took it with us. Rocketman was worried that we wouldn’t have room in the suitcases but we did.

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