It’s a Crafty Christmas!

This project had to be kept a secret until today. Noah, our grandson came to stay for an overnight in November and it was the perfect time to make something for his mama, our daughter. She is expecting our new grandchild in June.

I bought some onesies, fabric markers, fabric paints, stencils and some foam dawbers. Noah would decorate onesies for his new brother or sister.

I put down plenty of paper to protect the kitchen table. I also put paper inside each onesie to keep it from bleeding through.

I used 3M’s paint tape to mask off the sections of stencils we would not be using at that time.

I held the stencil while Noah tap, tap, tapped with the dauber. He decided he wanted to work without his shirt.

I removed the stencil and Noah was so excited to see what he had created.

We had a blast and I can’t believe how fast he went through those onesies.

I also helped a little putting on some faces.

We had a blast!

This is what we ended up with.

Noah decided what went on each onesie. What color and where to place the stencils.

Can’t wait for his mama to open these up today! Merry Christmas everyone!

One Response to “It’s a Crafty Christmas!”

  1. CreekHiker / HollysFolly Says:

    Becky, what a great project and a wonderful memory for Noah!

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