Korean Chasu (Embroidery) – Class #2

I had a lot of homework from last week and it took me a long time to complete it. 
 My teacher fixed a few areas and started the second color.  My homework this week is to fill in the dark pink areas.  This is my first time working with silk thread and it really takes some getting used to.  She also wants me to use my left hand as well as my right.  My left hand stays under the frame while my right hand is on top.  I have never embroidered this way and my left hand is really awkward but I’m going to do it.
This is also home work for next week.  I’m a busy girl!  So what is it with me and ajummas this week.  I put a comment on my Facebook page asking if there was a memo that went out to ajummas this week declaring it “Pick on Becky” week. 
I went to yoga and then Home Plus with Choi to get another Home Plus card.  They told him I had dropped it right in the store but they didn’t have my phone number to call me.  It was really easy to get another card.  I had some shopping to do so I thanked Choi and went off the do my shopping.  It was pretty busy for lunchtime and I got in a line.  I put my things on the conveyor and noticed an ajumma was behind me in line.
The guy in front of me took a long time to pay and the ajumma was in a hurry.  She came up to me just as the clerk started to check me out and pushed me with her elbow and then planted herself so we were shoulder to shoulder.  Like that was going to get me checked out quicker?  But after last week, I was not having it. I stood my ground.  I went to the end and the clerk recognized me from before and was happy to see me.  I was packing as she continued to check me out but when the ajumma came to I am presuming to shove me out of the way again, I looked at her and sternly said, “annio” (NO in Korean).  She was clearly taken aback and moved far away from me. 
Then this afternoon I was making dinner and ran out of milk.  There is a little grocery store close so I ran there and picked up a carton of milk.  Again, the line was pretty long and with all men except me.  It came my turn and the clerk was asking me something.  I didn’t know what she was saying and then the ajosshi behind yelled “SPEAK ENGLISH” to the poor clerk.  I was shocked and I told him “annio.” He was smiling at me and started saying who knows what to which I shrugged my shoulders and said that I didn’t know in English.  That is definitely a first for me.  There were times on the subway where I was having a conversation with one of my Korean girlfriends in English and an ajosshi would yell at her for speaking English.  You just never know what you will encounter over here.

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