Korean Chasu (Embroidery) and Bojagi – Class #6

 This week I continued with my new bojagi project which will incorporate a chasu piece too.  This is my teacher’s finished tail.

 This is my homework.  It will look like my teacher’s piece hopefully.  She didn’t give me as much homework as usual and it was nice to have a little break.

 Here are my two finished chasu pieces.

 My teacher also brought some show and tell.

I did finish my first bojagi project.  It was a little crooked but not bad for a first.  It was all handstitched.
Rocketman returned from China with an interesting story.  He traveled there with a couple of Korean co-workers.  During break one day they were eating apples and one of the Koreans was peeling his with a knife.
The Chinese co-worker said to him, “You are not married.”  The Korean replied that he was.  The Chinese worker was surprised with how poorly the Korean was peeling the apple (in his opinion).  In China, when you wish to marry, you must peel an apple or pear in front of your potential in-laws and try to get the peel as long as you can without the peel breaking.  A short piece is bad luck so Chinese men practice their peeling skills when they are single. 

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