Foam Art!

 This week in foam class I finished up the bulletin board I had started last week.  Last week I spent the entire two hours painting the green border and cutting out the hearts and people.  My teacher glued the border to blue center.  This week I cut out the words and painted everything.  Class went almost an hour over to get everything done and my teacher helped a lot with the painting.

When everything was painted, I used a glue gun to glue everything in place and then my teacher wrapped it in plastic for the trip home.  I walk to class and then take the bus home.  It was pretty windy today so I kept the board close.  It is about 2 feet by 3 feet and luckily the 777 bus driver took pity on me and waited until I sat down before he hit the accelerator.
 Here are a couple closeups.

It is Mother’s Day on Sunday and also Parent’s Day here in South Korea.  Flowers were everywhere and Rocketman bought these for me.  He is off until Wednesday and We will have to figure out something to do.  He gets stir crazy pretty easily.


One Response to “Foam Art!”

  1. Helena Says:

    Very cute!That's cool that Mother's Day and Parents' Day fall on the same day this year! Convenient.

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