Shopping at Hongdae’s Hope Market

 This hat was handpainted and only 20,000 WON ($18 USD). She told me that it was washable too.

 This was the first thing I bought.  Handmade and reversable, it was the most expensive thing I bought at the market at 45,000WON ($41 USD).

 This handmade point card holder or credit card holder was only 5000 WON ($4.60USD).
 This ring is made out of wood and is adjustable and the best part is that it was only 5000 WON ($4.60 USD).

As we were passing a table, a lady asked in perfect English our names and then wrote our names in Korean and gave them to us.  No charge!

 The lady I bought the hat from also let me choose a keychain for free.

 The back says “Very, very pretty” in Korean.  예뻐요 (yeppoyo) — polite casual form.  I knew this because I learned how to say pretty in chilbo. I learn more Korean in my craft classes and yoga than I did taking Korean speaking lessons.

 These earrings were 23,000 WON ($21 USD).

 On the way back to the subway I saw a shop with lots of cute handmade items and so I had to stop by.  I saw these shoes and jsut had to get them for the new grandbaby..

 The other side of the shoes.  All handpainted.

 I also picked up this pin.

 Poor Rocketman didn’t miss out.  On the subway ride back, we were entertained by a subway vendor that sold these eight in one screwdrivers with a flashlight built in.  They weren’t 12,000WON like he said.  We got it for…..

5000 WON ($4.60 USD).  Rocketman was happy and so was I!  I am definitely going back to the Hope Market and next time I will try to document how exactly to get there with directions along with photos.


3 Responses to “Shopping at Hongdae’s Hope Market”

  1. Michele Brooks Says:

    Aww, dang. I love all the items you bought especially that hat! It's adorable. 🙂

  2. Helena Says:

    Those little shoes are just too cute. Is that how Curt says his name in Korean? I would think they would drop the R.

  3. Becky Says:

    Michele, thanks!Helena, Rocketman did say they would drop the R and normally they say his name kewchew and how they are romanized.

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