Foam Art!

 Last week I spent the entire two hours cutting alll the pieces to make this pencil holder.  This week I spent over two hours painting everything.

 My teacher glued it all together for me so that saved me some time.

I am so strange.  I am having dreams of things I can make out of foam.  I get that way when I get really excited about crafting.

I saw an ABB (ajumma or ajosshi behaving badly.  I was sitting on the bus on my way to chilbo.  Most of the outer seats were taken. It’s the prefered place to sit. I was sitting next to a student near the back of the bus.  The bus stopped at a bus stop and about five visor-wearing ajummas came on the bus, jabbering away.  The first one hurried to the seats right by the bus door at the center of the bus. 

There was a young woman sitting in the outside seat and the inside seat was unoccupied.  She saw the ajumma close in and moved to let the ajumma take the inside seat.  Ajumma wanted her seat so she shoved the young woman to the open seat and sat down.

Magically, center seats opened all over the bus as riders made room and the ajummas were able to carry on their conversations.  The young woman never said a word and I felt so bad for her.  It wasn’t right and I just hope that when she becomes an ajumma (older Korean woman) she won’t act the same.  It was shameful.


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