Foam Art!

Tuesday was my last stryofoam or as my Korean teacher says “stee-ro-foam.”  I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve learned but I’m glad I have another free day.  I was starting to burn out with all the classes I was doing.  Now the only days I have class every week are Mondays, Wednesday, and two Thursdays a month.  Nan, my chilbo teacher wants me to come to class on Tuesday also but I’m not sure if this will be all the time.

I rushed home from miniature class to start getting ready for the hanji girls tomorrow.  I made pot of homemade spaghetti but was out of tomato paste.  Rocketman thought it was a good idea to get what I needed tonight so we ate out and off the Home Plus with my grocery list.  I am making a salad and would you believe they were completely out of lettuce?  I was so tired and stressed that I came home only to discover I forgot the tomato paste!

I went to a local market near our home and found two cans of tomato paste so I bought them but I’m still short two.  They also had lettuce but I decided to run to Home Plus tomorrow morning to get the tomato paste and hopefully lettuce. 

I also made a dessert and I’m going to see if I have time to make some brownies in the morning.  I’m exhausted but looking forward to the girls coming over.  They are so curious as to what we eat and where and how we live so it should be interesting.  Rocketman is also taking a vacation day to help me out and to meet the girls.  Here’s hoping it goes well.


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