Hanji – Korean Papercrafting

 After I finished the construction of the box, it was time to cover it with white hanji paper.  After the front dried I cut out the paper leaving a 1/2 inch around the opening.  Then I coated it with glue and pressed the paper to the inside of the drawer.

 Next I covered the outside of each drawer with black hanji paper and this is the paper we decided to use for the inside of each drawer.

This red hanji paper will be the outside of the box.  I wanted an Asian look so that’s what I went with the red and black.  I’ll be getting homework tomorrow at hanji class.  There will be a design for the front of each of the three drawers.

Even though the Korean medicine cabinet is finished, I’m still continuing going to hanji class more than once a week.  Now knowing that it is unlikely that we be able to extend our stay beyond the end of the January, I feel the need to make and learn as much as I can.  I figure I can collapse and rest in February when we are back in the States.


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