Pottery Exhibition at the Hwaseong Fortress

 I had chilbo class on Friday also and Nan-Young took me to a pottery exhibition.  You know me, I’m always up for an exhibition.  I love to see people’s creativity and this one was just a short walk from her shop.

                                      These were done by middle school students.

                                                           And high school students.

                                And professionals were also represented in the exhibition.

 I met the artist behind these works.  Another artist spoke pretty good English and was trying to explain them.  I don’t really understand this type of art like the two in the front look like he put the waists on backwards and I don’t know why you would do that.

They tried to explain the one in the back.  It also went over my head.  I’m just not good at judging, let alone understanding, this kind of art.

It was suppose to rain all today but it turned out to be a gorgeous day and Rocketman is back from Japan.  He was really exhausted so he rested most of the afternoon.  I wonder if we have any plans for tomorrow.


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