Making Hanji People Class

I showed up at class on Saturday only to find out that my teacher wasn’t there just her assistant.  She tried to tell me what was going on and kept holding up four fingers.  I understood in Korean that she was telling me I didn’t have my teacher but that was all I could understand and she was getting more and more upset as I tried to question her in my attempt at Korean.

I finally gave up and went looking for Nan-Young at the Palace where I knew she would be working.  I found her and explained in English what was going on.  We have this strange connection between us.  I have always been able to talk to her in English even though she doesn’t know English and she answers in Korean and we understand each other completely.  It has always been this way from the first time I met her.  I remember when my Korean girlfriend Hellena first came to some classes with me to translate only to find that she wasn’t needed.  It really is quite remarkable and I wish could do this with all the Koreans but she is the only one.

She came over and talked to the assistant and found out that class would be at 2 pm (love that) instead of 1.  This happens to me a lot here in Korea and I’ve learned (most of the time) to go with it.  I was upset only because there was a first birthday party that I could have gone to if I had known this.  So I spent an hour hanging with Nan-Young in the refreshment tent at the Palace.  This time there were a lot of parents having their kids ask me for things in English.  It was so cute to see them ask me for water and asking how much something was.  The kids and the parents had a great time practicing their English with me.

We went back to the classroom at 2:00pm to find the teacher there and she was very sorry for the mixup.   This photo is Nan-Young

The teacher brought egg covered veggies for a snack.  I stayed away from the octopus and mushrooms.  I’m still a picky girl in a lot of ways when it comes to food.  I’m a lot better than I was but not great about eating anything.

While the teacher set everything up for us (see the first picture) I took some pictures of other kits she had available.

 I like this one but she didn’t offer it as a choice.  The dolls are premade so all we did was make the clothes and do the hair.  It still was a lot of work.

                                                     I’m making this set next Saturday.

                              Nan-Young is so careful with the job she does.  I love to watch her work.

                                        I got the girl done and then I started on the boy.

 Here is the set.  I also bought a case to make it easy to display them.  They turned out great!

I was helping out in the refreshment tent before class when my Body Guard showed up and grabbed my hand along with this gigantic kite.  He said, “Let’s go.”  So off we went to fly the kite.  I took some video of it.  I can’t tell you the last time I flew a kite and as I gazed up at his kite so high in the school, I was in awe of the beauty and fun of watching a kite fly.  I tried to remember if we had done this with our kids and I couldn’t remember. 

But then he gabe me the kite to control and helped me to hold it properly.  I couldn’t believe the pull of it.  I had a hard time just holding on.  I only did it for a few minutes when he wanted me to bring it in.  I could only do a few turns and I had to give it back to him.  The second video is him brining it in.  It almost hit me in the head.


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