Hanji People Class

Saturday was my final hanji people class.  I had my teacher all to myself since it was a warm and rainy day which kept the crowds from the palace.  This photo is what my hanji people looked like to begin with.

                              Here my teacher is showing me how to attach the hanji to the body form.

                                   I was able to snap this quick picture of my hanji teacher.

Here si what they look like when I finished.  I also have a display case for them.

                Nan-Young showed up about an hour after I did.  She is still busy working at the palace.

 The hanji teacher brought me a little container of kimchi even though I told her I would only be in my apartment another week.  It was delicious so I’m glad she brought it for me.

Rocketman returned from Japan with this Japanese candy.  It’s hard candy and I gave it to my friend, Hannah for her nieces and nephew.

Rocketman also brought his Kindle home and promply took it apart.  It fell into the bathtub while he was in Japan not once but twice.  It was sitting on the edge of the tube when it accidently fell in.  He took it out immediately but as he did that, the Kindle fell out of it’s case and back into the tub.

When he got home he went onto the interview and found a video by a guy who took his Kindle apart and was describing the parts.  Rocketman was in heaven and loved every minute of that video but alas, it didn’t helpt him bring his Kindle back to life.  So guess what I’ll be ordering as soon as we arrive back home?

It’s funny because I bought it as a birthday present for Rocketman a few years ago even though he had no desire to own one.  But I felt it was perfect for him with all the travel he does and in the back of my mind I thought that if he didn’t want I would use it.  But as soon as he got it he LOVED it so I was happy.  He was really bummed about the whole situation and wonders how Amazon will handle the books he already purchased but I told him we’ll figure that out too when we get home.  We just have too much going on right now.  I can’t believe the movers are coming in just three days!!


3 Responses to “Hanji People Class”

  1. JavaGirlBT Says:

    Good luck with the move!Just register the new kindle under the same account as the old one and all the books will be available to the new kindle. -Ellen

  2. Helena Says:

    Call Amazon–they might send you another free or cheaper.

  3. karen Says:

    Becky, in case nobody has chimed in on this yet, Amazon has all of your Kindle book purchases on your Amazon account. When you by a new Kindle, you can bring them over to that. You can also deactivate the old Kindle. AND if you have another computer or an iPad, you can get the Kindle app and download the books onto those, as well. They want you to buy books and read! A word of advice – i bought the Kindle Fire for my DH and he didn't like it. The Fire didn't get good reviews, so I found out, so you may want to stick with something other than the Fire. Or for a little more money, get an iPad and keep your books on that 🙂

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