Cooking with the Grandkids!

We did a bit of cooking while we had the grandkids and I got Noah involved as much as I could.  One night for dinner I decided to make homemade pizzas.  I had never tried it before but I figured it couldn’t be that hard.  I used this recipe for the dough and a store bought sauce.  Noah liked cheese pizza so that made it pretty easy.

                                                      He really got into making the dough.

                           I spread the sauce over the dough and he took care of the cheese.

                                  The pizzas turned out great and both kids loved them.

I also decided to try out making cake pops and I had bought a kit.  I had a cake pop mold which made it easy to make the cake pops in the oven or so I thought.

Frosting them turned out to be a challenge.  I followed directions and chilled the cake pops but the icing just turned out to be a little too thick.  Noah didn’t mind and he loved how they turned out anyway.

                                                         Ezra sure loved eating “Korean style.”


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