Tie-Dying With Noah

We had the grandkids for New Year’s Eve so Noah and I got our crafty on.  I had some leftovers from tie dying the baby onesie.  It was also Noah’s first time doing this particular craft.  I bought a bunch of t-shirts in different sizes and off we went.  We made two matching sets so the brothers could wear the same t-shirt.
We had enough supplies to made a couple of t-shirts for Noah’s folks too.
Here we are with little Ez a little bored with it all.
He’s such a cutie!!

One Response to “Tie-Dying With Noah”

  1. Molly Smith Says:

    You are brave with all those dyes, Becky! These tees look great and so fun! We made "party (food) plates" with ours and the gdaughter tried to space all the pieces as perfectly as she could. That was as crafty as we got 🙂 Always love seeing pics of the gkids! I cannot believe Noah is that big! Happy New Year!~Molly

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