Maedeup Monday!

It’s been awhile and I have to thank Darlene, a friend from the Korean Heritage House, for this “Maedeup Monday!”  She wanted a visual of the yeonbong maedeup.  She asked me for it many, many months ago and patiently waited for me to do it.

This weekend I finally decided to just do it and without any warning to Rocketman (who actually is the cameraman) I did it.  He had other things on his list (taxes) but put it all aside to help me with the video. 

This is really how I learned maedeup.  I would video Su-Mi, my Korean maedeup teacher, creating the knot and then spent the rest of the week playing and replaying the video.  I would stop it as needed as I tried to recreate some of the most difficult knots and the joy I felt when I finally conquered a particularly difficult knot was simply the best feeling.

I did very little maedeup while living in Korea the last time in 2011-2012 and didn’t really pick it back up when we returned.  But shooting this video and the joy of the cording as it flowed through  my fingers has brought back the need much like reconnecting with an old friend.  I look forward to sharing more “Maedeup Monday’s!” this year.


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