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Foam Art!

July 21, 2011

Tuesday was my last stryofoam or as my Korean teacher says “stee-ro-foam.”  I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve learned but I’m glad I have another free day.  I was starting to burn out with all the classes I was doing.  Now the only days I have class every week are Mondays, Wednesday, and two Thursdays a month.  Nan, my chilbo teacher wants me to come to class on Tuesday also but I’m not sure if this will be all the time.

I rushed home from miniature class to start getting ready for the hanji girls tomorrow.  I made pot of homemade spaghetti but was out of tomato paste.  Rocketman thought it was a good idea to get what I needed tonight so we ate out and off the Home Plus with my grocery list.  I am making a salad and would you believe they were completely out of lettuce?  I was so tired and stressed that I came home only to discover I forgot the tomato paste!

I went to a local market near our home and found two cans of tomato paste so I bought them but I’m still short two.  They also had lettuce but I decided to run to Home Plus tomorrow morning to get the tomato paste and hopefully lettuce. 

I also made a dessert and I’m going to see if I have time to make some brownies in the morning.  I’m exhausted but looking forward to the girls coming over.  They are so curious as to what we eat and where and how we live so it should be interesting.  Rocketman is also taking a vacation day to help me out and to meet the girls.  Here’s hoping it goes well.


Foam Art!

July 12, 2011

I have one more styrofoam class and at today’s class I made this mobile.  It’s for my new grandson, Ezra, but I’m not sure how I will get it to him.  It’s really large and delicate so it’s hard to ship.  It was really hard to get it home on the bus.  Because of the rain, there were a lot taking the bus and I had to be careful that it didn’t get damaged.

The raindrop guys are really cute and really appropriate right now.  It’s been raining off and on for days and it’s suppose to continue all week.  I got soaked walking to yoga this morning.  Hopefully it will end soon.  I still have to go out in it to get to my classes.

Foam Art!

May 25, 2011

 Last week I spent the entire two hours cutting alll the pieces to make this pencil holder.  This week I spent over two hours painting everything.

 My teacher glued it all together for me so that saved me some time.

I am so strange.  I am having dreams of things I can make out of foam.  I get that way when I get really excited about crafting.

I saw an ABB (ajumma or ajosshi behaving badly.  I was sitting on the bus on my way to chilbo.  Most of the outer seats were taken. It’s the prefered place to sit. I was sitting next to a student near the back of the bus.  The bus stopped at a bus stop and about five visor-wearing ajummas came on the bus, jabbering away.  The first one hurried to the seats right by the bus door at the center of the bus. 

There was a young woman sitting in the outside seat and the inside seat was unoccupied.  She saw the ajumma close in and moved to let the ajumma take the inside seat.  Ajumma wanted her seat so she shoved the young woman to the open seat and sat down.

Magically, center seats opened all over the bus as riders made room and the ajummas were able to carry on their conversations.  The young woman never said a word and I felt so bad for her.  It wasn’t right and I just hope that when she becomes an ajumma (older Korean woman) she won’t act the same.  It was shameful.

Foam Art!

May 18, 2011
This was last Friday’s project in styrofoam.
I made this photo holder in class on Tuesday.  The forms came precut so all I had to do was paint.  I thought that I would get done early since I was only painting and gluing but painting two coats took a long time and I finished only a few minutes early.
´╗┐Tonight Rocketman and I have separate dinners.  He has a dinner with his work and I have a chilbo dinner.  We are going out for chicken at 8 pm.  I’m not sure who else is going so it will be a surprise.  Nan also told me that she has a new boyfriend.  He even made her some homemade green tea.  She shared with me how labor intensive it is.  I thought it was so sweet that he did that for her.

Foam Art!

May 15, 2011

 I’ve been opening our windows in the living room to let in the cool air even though the noise from the traffic is annoying.  The morning of foam class I heard a strange sound coming from the window and it wasn’t the sound of traffic but of feet pounding.

I looked out my tenth floor window to see this.  It was a race going on right outside my apartment building.  I grabbed my camera making sure the strap was around my wrist in case I dropped it and I took some pictures.

 Sometimes when I walk to class I take the backstreets because they are so interesting.  It’s nice to get off the beaten path especially when you are living in South Korea.  I saw these two kittys.  They were very wary and wouldn’t let me get too close.

This week in foam class I made this mirror.  My teacher knows how much I love Kim Bum Soo and she had a little surprise for me.  She turned her computer screen towards me and all of the sudden, I was watching a Kim Bum Soo concert.  It was wonderful to watch and listen to him while I worked on my project.

Foam Art!

May 6, 2011

 This week in foam class I finished up the bulletin board I had started last week.  Last week I spent the entire two hours painting the green border and cutting out the hearts and people.  My teacher glued the border to blue center.  This week I cut out the words and painted everything.  Class went almost an hour over to get everything done and my teacher helped a lot with the painting.

When everything was painted, I used a glue gun to glue everything in place and then my teacher wrapped it in plastic for the trip home.  I walk to class and then take the bus home.  It was pretty windy today so I kept the board close.  It is about 2 feet by 3 feet and luckily the 777 bus driver took pity on me and waited until I sat down before he hit the accelerator.
 Here are a couple closeups.

It is Mother’s Day on Sunday and also Parent’s Day here in South Korea.  Flowers were everywhere and Rocketman bought these for me.  He is off until Wednesday and We will have to figure out something to do.  He gets stir crazy pretty easily.

Foam Art!

April 29, 2011

 I am taking foam classes twice a week to try and complete the course before I travel back to the U.S. for a short visit.  I made this picture frame for our new grandbaby and I think I will carry it in my purse so it isn’t crushed.  That’s the bad thing about styrofoam is that it breaks and you have to be careful with it.

The second thing I made was this toilet paper holder.  I’m not sure a heavy roll of toilet paper would hold up for any length of time. My class lasted just over two hours and then I ran home to drop everything off.  I was meeting Hannah at Dongdaemum to visit my maedeup shop.  I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow.

I’ve spend the evening watching the Royal Wedding.  It was wonderful to watch what everyone was wearing and some of those hats I saw, wow!  I think Princess Diana would have been very proud of William and his choice. I’m sure she is smiling in heaven. 

We are supposed to have thunderstorms and lots of wind tomorrow so I’ll be sitting tight in our apartment.  Rocketman flies in from Taiwan tomorrow night and I’m hoping the bad weather will be done by the time he lands.  My heart goes out to those in the South who’s lives have been devastated by the tornadoes.  I have a crafting friend in Birmingham, Alabama and I pray she and her family are safe.

Foam Art!

April 27, 2011

 I was looking for a restaurant the other day when I passed this new shop that had recently opened.  It is a craft shop that uses styrofoam sheets to make cute decorations. 

 I went in and met the owner.  I asked her about classes and she gave me a flyer.  I showed it to Hannah and told her I wanted to take lessons.

 Hannah called the shop owner and I started classes on Tuesdays.

 Hannah went with me to the first class to translate.

 I bought this foam saw which uses heat through the wire to cut the styrofoam sheet into the shapes.  Then I used paints to put two coats of paint onto the shapes.

 This is what I made, two butterfly magnets.  It was a lot of fun and I can’t wait for the next class.

Hannah hadn’t had any lunch so we found a budae jjigae restaurant.  It was delicious and I’m definitely coming back with Rocketman.