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It’s What’s For Dinner in South Korea

June 10, 2011

It’s live octopus and I’m mean LIVE!  As you see in the video it’s squirming all over the place.  It was one of the dishes served to us during dinner while visiting Gwangju, South Korea.  Our friend, JG, didn’t know what the big deal was and demonstrated how easy it was to eat.  He said you just had to chew it well.

I swear that octopus moved for a good five or more minutes.  I didn’t try it but Rocketman did and has in the past.  It’s not his favorite but he doesn’t mind the squirming.  I was afraid it would get stuck in my throat and I would choke.  I don’t eat anything that is moving.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!


Gwangju, South Korea – Part Three

June 1, 2011

 After a good night’s sleep, we set off for Daehan Dawon which is Korea’s one and only green tea farm theme park.  Currently, there are about 5.8 million tea plants although a bitter winter left may plants dead.

 You can always find a Korean guy carrying a purse but I had never seen one so old.  It’s usually done when the couple is dating.

 Lots of steps and we were a little sore from the climbing we had done the day before.

 See the dead areas. It was sad to see.

 We got to spend the day with JG’s children.  His daughter understood and spoke English very well.

 We passed quite of few of these trucks and JG told us they were used to transport live fish.

 Our next stop was Suncheon Bay Eco-Park.  I had never seen a lotus flower in person before.  It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and I think it is my new favorite flower.

                                                  Can you find the crab in this picture?

                                                      Now THAT’S an umbrella!

 Next stop was lunchee.  We were after the lunch crowd so I got to see this poor woman cleaning up.  Her poor back!

                        This area is famous for these shells.  I didn’t try them but they were in everything.

 This is the lady that flagged us down.  Here they have people standing outside trying to get you to go to their restaurant.  Then she wanted me to by a box of abalone when we were leaving.

 A television show was here and ate at this restaurant too.

                                                      This is a sign for a taxi service.

 Next stop was Naganeupseong, a folk village.

                                                                           Lots of people.

                                                          An ancient form of torture.

                                                                       Lots of photo ops.

                                                                 Up here honey!

                                                             See the man playing the drum.

 People live and work in the folk village.  I thought Rocketman and I could retire here someday.  I didn’t see any air conditioning though but I would love it!

                                                                  This was the potter’s home.

                                                Their dog had puppies, three of them.     

                                        They were sooooo tired.

                                                          The last stop of our visit.

                                 They love their poo here.  This is a bamboo in the shape of poo.

 This is a baby bamboo tree.  JG said in the rainy season it will grow 60 meters in a week.

                                                                     Photo ops!

                                        Famous Korean television show was here.

                                    I wonder if that means that Johnny Depp is out? Hmmm.

                            On the way to dinner we saw these parking spaces.  How cute it that?

 I wanted to mention that in all Rocketman’s travels all over the world, this is the first place he had ever stayed that had a lighted toilet.

 On the train ride back to Suwon, we saw this guy wearing panty hose.  Maybe it’s a normal thing here.

                                   These are pictures of what we bought during our visit.

I also too some video.  The last one is especially sweet.

Suncheon Bay Eco-Park

 Suncheon Bay Eco-Park

Folk Art Village:

Korean kids playing an ancient Korean game:

Bikeriding in Gwangju:

On the train ride home we found this cutie patootie sneaking looks at us. Rocketman bought some cookies and I gave some to her.

Gwangju, South Korea – Part Two

May 31, 2011

 Our second stop on our first day in Gwangju was Chosun University which has the most beautiful rose garden and is also where JG’s wife works.

 I took lots of pictures of roses.  I had never seen so many roses in one place and they were all so beautiful.

                                                         I also saw this cutie patootie.

                                                                           Me with Rocketman

 This is the longest building in Asia we were told.  It’s part of Chosum University and it was classrooms.

 We met JG’s wife and his old professor and their English was remarkable.  We then all went out to dinner.

 This is how the table looked when we first got there.  It was refilled so many times with rounds of food that I lost count.

These rice cakes were filled with a sugary delight.

This video is from early in the day when we were at the Buddhist Temple.  It’s a monk playing a drum.

Gwangju, South Korea – Part One

May 30, 2011

 We rode the train to Gwangju and it took about 3 hours 20 minutes from Suwon.  JG, our host, was waiting for us as we exited the train.  First on the agenda was lunch and he took us to a restaurant famous for it’s beef.

 It wasn’t too crowded since it was well after one in the afternoon.

                                                                 Here come the side dishes!

                                                                Love my kimchi!

                                            Here’s the beef.  Very tender and delicious!

 We dropped our luggage off at the Holiday Inn and saw this Mini Cooper inside the hotel.

 First stop on our sightseeing tour was the Unjusa Buddhist Temple.  It is known for it’s many stone Buddhist statues and stone pogadas.


                                                         This buddha lost his head.


                                              This Buddha is on the list of Intangible Assets.

 JG warned us not to drink this water.  It didn’t look very clean anyway.

 The temple was filled with Buddhas.  I had never seen so many in one place.

                                                              Paintings outside of the temple.

                                                        This one was particularly creepy!

 We saw a lot of rock piles.  It is said that if you place a rock on the pile and make a wish, it will come try.  But if you knock the any of the rocks over, their wishes will not come true so you must be very careful where you place your rock.

                                                                 Lots of rock wishes!

 We did a lot of hiking up a mountain and the view was spectacular.

                                      JG tried to get us to climb onto the top of this rock.

 I climbed up a little bit but it was scary.  Rocketman stayed on the ground.

                                        Rocketman planted himself next to the huge rock.

 It was a tricky climb down and I slipped once and almost fell.

                                           Rocketman navigating the narrow stairs.

 Did I really walk up this way?  How the heck was I going to get down?  I did and very carefully.


 This ajumma decided to take a pass on the climb we had just finished.  I don’t blame her.


 We also saw a huge pile of tiles.  We were told that people pay for a tile and it will help build a new roof for the temple.

 They were made of clay and very heavy.



Here is a video I made of the scenery to Gwangju.  It was so beautiful!