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Hanji Bracelet

April 18, 2012

My next hanji project was covering a wooden bracelet.  The first thing I had to decide is what pattern I wanted to use on the bracelet.  I’m slowly scanning my hanji patterns and then I just have to print off the pattern when I need it.  I thought this one would be great.  It’s a simple pattern and wouldn’t take me too long to do.

I cut out the pattern using gold hanji paper.
This is what it looked like all cut out.

 This is the bracelet I used.  I had bought a bunch of these and never used them.  A common problem you will find in my craftroom.

                                          Here is the bracelet covered with hanji paper.

 Here is the finished bracelet.  I’m really happy with how it turned out.

We also bought a new patio set for our deck.  This was the first time we didn’t go with a reallly cheap set.  I was so tired of the tables breaking and the sets only lasting a few years.  This one we bought at Seasonal Concepts and it comes with a gas fire pit.  We weren’t looking for that but when Rocketman and I saw this set, we knew this was the one.  I’ve never had comfortable chairs before and these chairs are not only comfortable but they rock and Rocketman loves to rock.  I see a lot of days spent on this deck.

Big news here!  We have a visitor coming from Korea.  Hellena is coming for a week from April 29th through May 6th.  We are soooo excited.  I can’t wait to see her.


Hanji Coasters

April 16, 2012

I finished the two sets of coasters that I started last week.  It took me a lot longer than I had anticipated.  At my hanji class in Korea, my teacher always had all my hanji pieces cut out for me so all I had to do was sit and glue.  Now that I am home I have to cut out the pieces and it is timeconsuming.  Another difference is that when I did hanji in Korea, I went to the hanji class to do it.  Now that I am home I can get distracted a lot easier.  I have laundry going or the phone rings or I need to mow the lawn.

The coasters were entirely cut out and glued by myself using supplies I had purchased in Korea.  The coasters above were finished with a glossy varnish.

These coasters were finished in a matt finish.  I’m really happy how they turned out.  I have put them in my Etsy shop if you are interested in purchasing them.  Now I’m ready to try a box.  I brought a lot of forms home but I may go through them quickly.  Luckily, my Korean girlfriends can call and order more for me if I should run out.  I also bought a lot of hanji paper which should last me a long time.

Hanji in da House!

April 10, 2012

I finally got everything unpacked and put in its place.  I finally had time to do some hanji.  I’ve missed it so much.  I’m starting with some coasters.  I cut out paper for two and used my hanji glue to apply the paper pieces.  They are drying right now.  I’m going to cut out the design you see on the lower left of this picture which will go in the center of the coasters.

It felt so good but it also was a little sad.  As I sat in my craftroom gluing pieces in place, I missed the chatter of Korean that would go on around me when I took classes in Korea.  I miss the delicious homemade lunches that they would share with me almost every day.  I miss that bowl of rice and the mounds of kimchi which I couldn’t seem to stop eating.

Yesterday was a wonderful day.  I went to Noah’s Kindergarten class to read a book on Korea.  I also brought some samples of things I had made when I lived there.  I was in the middle of my reading when an alarm went off.  I was thinking it was a fire drill but the teacher told me and the class that it was a “lockdown drill.”  The kids crowded into a corner of the room while the teacher locked the door and shut off the lights.  We sat there (me too) quietly for about 5 minutes until the all clear was given.  It just made me sad to think that we really are living in times like this.  When I was their age, the only drills we had were for fires and tornadoes.

I finished the book and answered a few questions.  Noah showed everyone the Korean words that he knew.  His teacher was really impressed.  I’ve always answered Noah’s “yes” and “no” questions in Korean.  I also brought the kids a Korean cellphone charm to take home.  I gave the teacher one of my Korean “Love” pendants.  Then she told me that this had been fascinating to her because her sister was a Korean adoptee.  I just happened to have a second necklace so I gave her that one for her sister.

Noah got to escort me out of the building.  I forgot how many times he hugged me and said he loved me.  I will never get tired of hearing that.  I would like to do craft classes in Noah’s classes as I did when his mama was a little girl.  Those were some of the best times of my life.

Hanji People Class

January 24, 2012

Saturday was my final hanji people class.  I had my teacher all to myself since it was a warm and rainy day which kept the crowds from the palace.  This photo is what my hanji people looked like to begin with.

                              Here my teacher is showing me how to attach the hanji to the body form.

                                   I was able to snap this quick picture of my hanji teacher.

Here si what they look like when I finished.  I also have a display case for them.

                Nan-Young showed up about an hour after I did.  She is still busy working at the palace.

 The hanji teacher brought me a little container of kimchi even though I told her I would only be in my apartment another week.  It was delicious so I’m glad she brought it for me.

Rocketman returned from Japan with this Japanese candy.  It’s hard candy and I gave it to my friend, Hannah for her nieces and nephew.

Rocketman also brought his Kindle home and promply took it apart.  It fell into the bathtub while he was in Japan not once but twice.  It was sitting on the edge of the tube when it accidently fell in.  He took it out immediately but as he did that, the Kindle fell out of it’s case and back into the tub.

When he got home he went onto the interview and found a video by a guy who took his Kindle apart and was describing the parts.  Rocketman was in heaven and loved every minute of that video but alas, it didn’t helpt him bring his Kindle back to life.  So guess what I’ll be ordering as soon as we arrive back home?

It’s funny because I bought it as a birthday present for Rocketman a few years ago even though he had no desire to own one.  But I felt it was perfect for him with all the travel he does and in the back of my mind I thought that if he didn’t want I would use it.  But as soon as he got it he LOVED it so I was happy.  He was really bummed about the whole situation and wonders how Amazon will handle the books he already purchased but I told him we’ll figure that out too when we get home.  We just have too much going on right now.  I can’t believe the movers are coming in just three days!!

The Start of the Goodbyes – Hanji

January 21, 2012

Friday was my last hanji class so we all went out for lunch.  My favorite hanji gal, Tae-Soon, had just gotten back from visiting her daughter who lives in China.  I hadn’t seen her for a few months and I was so glad she got back in time for me to say goodbye.

We went to a restaurant very near to the hanji shop, but off the beaten path.  It was in a hanok that had been modernized but still had that old charm of days gone by.

My hanji teacher is on the far end, and that is Hannah, her daughter, next to her.  Hannah had recently returned from a year in Canada.  Her English is really good.

                           We took quite a few pictures and then the food arrived.

                                             It went on and on and on.  I loved it all too.

This dish had jellyfish in it and I have always been afraid to try jellyfish.  But they really wanted me to try it and I did.  I was surprised at the taste and texture.  It wasn’t bad and if I hadn’t known it was jellyfish, I would have eaten more.

                                Can you believe the food?  And this was only the beginning.

Finally some kimchi but it can at the end of lunch and I was too full to eat more than a few pieces but it was also delicious.


                                                      The outside of the restaurant.

We went back to hanji for some coffee and some of the girls got back to work.  This is a light that one of them is working on.

                                 I also got my finished jewelry box.  It turned out beautiful.




 Then they gave me a bunch of gifts.  The pencil holder was made by my hanji teacher.

                     Another gal gave me these hanji shoes she had made in my favorite color.

 My hanji teacher also gave me a business card holder.  Rocketman is using the one that I had made.

 Tan-Soo made these hanji bowls for me.  They are breathtaking.  She is such a talented lady.

              Here is a closeup.  She made the flowers herself.  The center is an old time coin design.

She also gave me this letter that her son-in-law translated for her.  He is Chinese but knows English.  I will cherish it forever.

                                        More presents from hanji girls.  This is a cross-stitch design.

My hanji teacher also gave me a hanbok for my grandson, Noah.  I can’t wait to see him in it and I’ll be sure to send her a picture of him in it.

                              I also got a key holder.  The keys are hidden on the inside.

And finally, this wonderful letter from Hannah.  She was embarassed thinking her written English was poor but I read the letter and told her she wrote great.  This was when I got emotional.  I was really trying to keep it together but the letter was too much for me.  I gathered my things and made a hasty retreat thanking them for all their kindness they had shown me through the year I was with them.  It is something I will never forget.  I just wish the goodbyes were over but they are just beginning.  It’s going to be a difficult week.

Hanji (Korean Papercrafting) Class

January 16, 2012

Today I covered my jewelry box with the hanji paper I picked out.  Purple is my favorite color so I decided to make the box purple and the inside lavender.

Here is the jewelry box covered inside and out with hanji paper waiting to dry.  My hanji teacher told me that she would finish it for me since my last hanji class is this Friday.

Here is what my teacher was working on.  I have no idea how she did the mother-of-pearl but it turned out gorgeous.  It was pretty small about six inches wide and maybe four inches tall.

I also picked up the coasters I had finished last week.  I am bringing some extra forms home to make some for my Etsy shop.

We were eating some cookies that I had brought when the girls starting looking at me a lot and saying “pretty” in Korean.  I was curious to why they were saying that and found out that they love my BIG nose as my teacher called it.  They love that my nose sticks out so far and they really envy me for my nose.  The funny thing is that I’ve always hated my nose and thought it was too big.  I would have loved to have a nose job back in the day.  It gave me a whole perspective.

Since Friday is my last day of hanji class, we are meeting at 12 to go out to lunch and are having a “Going Out” party.  I tried to correct them from saying “Going Out” to “Going Away” party but they were so happy to be speaking in English that I gave up.  So I’m having a hanji “Going Out” Party on Friday.  I’m going to try really hard not to cry but it will be very hard.  These women have become so dear to me it will be hard to say goodbye.  We have become a little family in a lot of ways.  I know each one of them would do anything for me and I feel the same way about each of them.  I’ll make sure to take a lot of pictures.

Making Hanji People Class

January 15, 2012

I showed up at class on Saturday only to find out that my teacher wasn’t there just her assistant.  She tried to tell me what was going on and kept holding up four fingers.  I understood in Korean that she was telling me I didn’t have my teacher but that was all I could understand and she was getting more and more upset as I tried to question her in my attempt at Korean.

I finally gave up and went looking for Nan-Young at the Palace where I knew she would be working.  I found her and explained in English what was going on.  We have this strange connection between us.  I have always been able to talk to her in English even though she doesn’t know English and she answers in Korean and we understand each other completely.  It has always been this way from the first time I met her.  I remember when my Korean girlfriend Hellena first came to some classes with me to translate only to find that she wasn’t needed.  It really is quite remarkable and I wish could do this with all the Koreans but she is the only one.

She came over and talked to the assistant and found out that class would be at 2 pm (love that) instead of 1.  This happens to me a lot here in Korea and I’ve learned (most of the time) to go with it.  I was upset only because there was a first birthday party that I could have gone to if I had known this.  So I spent an hour hanging with Nan-Young in the refreshment tent at the Palace.  This time there were a lot of parents having their kids ask me for things in English.  It was so cute to see them ask me for water and asking how much something was.  The kids and the parents had a great time practicing their English with me.

We went back to the classroom at 2:00pm to find the teacher there and she was very sorry for the mixup.   This photo is Nan-Young

The teacher brought egg covered veggies for a snack.  I stayed away from the octopus and mushrooms.  I’m still a picky girl in a lot of ways when it comes to food.  I’m a lot better than I was but not great about eating anything.

While the teacher set everything up for us (see the first picture) I took some pictures of other kits she had available.

 I like this one but she didn’t offer it as a choice.  The dolls are premade so all we did was make the clothes and do the hair.  It still was a lot of work.

                                                     I’m making this set next Saturday.

                              Nan-Young is so careful with the job she does.  I love to watch her work.

                                        I got the girl done and then I started on the boy.

 Here is the set.  I also bought a case to make it easy to display them.  They turned out great!

I was helping out in the refreshment tent before class when my Body Guard showed up and grabbed my hand along with this gigantic kite.  He said, “Let’s go.”  So off we went to fly the kite.  I took some video of it.  I can’t tell you the last time I flew a kite and as I gazed up at his kite so high in the school, I was in awe of the beauty and fun of watching a kite fly.  I tried to remember if we had done this with our kids and I couldn’t remember. 

But then he gabe me the kite to control and helped me to hold it properly.  I couldn’t believe the pull of it.  I had a hard time just holding on.  I only did it for a few minutes when he wanted me to bring it in.  I could only do a few turns and I had to give it back to him.  The second video is him brining it in.  It almost hit me in the head.

Hanji (Korean Papercrafting) Class

January 14, 2012

I was surprised to find everyone waiting for me to arrive at hanji on Friday.  We were going to the restaurant across the street for lunch.  WooHoo!!!  First we were served this sidedish above which was really delicious.

Then we were given a bowl of I think it was barley but it resembled rice to me.  I was show by the girls and a lot of “Becky-she” how to add the sidedish and a little gochujang (red pepper paste) to make a little bibimbap.

                Of course there was kimchi and the girls made sure the bowl was never empty.

 Then they brought out a HUGE pajeon and I mean it was HUGE.  I was getting full by this time when

                                    they brought out a huge bowl of soup.  It was so good.

Then a return to hanji class for a cup of instant coffee where my hanji teacher showed me that she had made the same piece I had just finished.  I love the colors she chose.

                                    This is another piece I saw from a fellow hanji girl.

                 She did a really great job on it.  I know how much time it takes to cut all that out.

                                 My very last project.  It’s going to be a jewelty box.

        The first step in a new hanji project is gluing and a lot of clips to hold the glued pieces together.

This is how it looked when I left for the day.  My friend, Hannah, was contacted by my miniature teacher to see if I could take my final class on January 26th.  Her father-in-law was given only a week to live and since her husband is the oldest son, it is her duty to stay at the hospital 24/7.  She feels so bad about my class when I feel who cares about the class.  Her father-in-law has cancer and I’m not sure if it is something they knew or if they just found out.

But the 26th was going to be my last hanji class so because of that and Seollal (the Lunar New Year), my last hanji class will be this Friday, the 20th.  I can’t believe it is ending but I’m taking a lot of hanji home with me to continue to make things.  But I really enjoy hanging with all the girls.  We have such a good time.  I will miss them so much.

Hanji (Korean Papercrafting) Class

January 9, 2012

When I got to hanji today I found a whole lot of cooking going on.  I have learned to eat a light lunch before hanji class because I never know when they will have lunch.  It’s not an everyday occurence so I usually eat a tangerine or salad at about 11 pm and when I get to hanji at 1:30 pm I can eat if there is a lunch.  Today, my teacher even brought out the huge container of kimchi.

                     One of the hanji girls had made homemade mandu guk and it smelled delicious.

There also was the purple rice with beans in it getting dished out to everyone.  It was going to be a great lunch.

This picture shows a watched pot doesn’t boil.  I always amazed at the strength of my teacher’s knees.  I can get down but it’s getting up that can be tricky (impossible).

After our delicious lunch I got down to making some hanji coasters.  I am bringing extra forms back home to make them back in the States.

                                            This is what it looked like as the glue dried.

Then my teacher took some hanji paper and a circle punch and hammered out a bunch of hanji circles for me.  Tomorrow we are going the Seoul together and I’m going to introduce her to Satin Guy.  Hannah, her daughter who speaks English, is also going.  I can’t wait.

New Hanji (Korean Papercrafting) Class

January 8, 2012

I started a new series of Korean craft classes that will take up the next two Saturdays, from 1-5pm.  It is different from my other hanji  class in that I will be learning how to make hanji figurines.  The classes are being held in a building to the right of the Hwaseong Palace.  She also welcomes walk-ins and lots of kids showed up too.  This week I went from 3-5pm.  This is a picture of some of the hanji shoes my teacher had for sale.

                                                          These were also for sale.

This week it was all about the shoes.  Nan-Young, my chilbo teacher, was also taking the class with me.  We started with these shoes.

 We got to pick the hanji paper we wanted to use and I picked the chartreuse paper.  We had to rip the hanji paper into thin strips, then paint the strips with hanji glue and cover the shoes with ripped, random pieces of paper.  It took quite a while to cover two shoes.

Here is Nan-Young have a blast.  She must have put a sign in her shop because a couple of customers showed up and she had to leave for awhile.

                                                          Here are my finished shoes.

I also made these shoes too.  The forms were already done and I just covered the outside with hanji paper.

If you are keeping count, I now have Korean craft classes every day except Sunday until they come to pack up our apartment on the 27th.  I will be one busy girl but I figure I can take a good rest once we are back home.  The next few weeks are going to fly by.