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Maedeup Monday!

February 4, 2013
I made these burlap gift bags and embellished them using some dongsimgyeol maedeup knots that I had made previously.  I also added a square of ramie from my bojagi (Korean quilting) stash.  The buttons are also from Korea.  I have them listed in my Etsy shop for sale.
The dongsimgyeol maedeup is a very special knot.  Brides in Korea commonly wore it as a symbol of loyalty and good luck.  The knot signified that the couple would be of the same temperament and there would be harmony between the two.  It is also commonly known as the one mind and good luck knot.
Of course, Louie had to come over to see what was going on.


Maedeup Monday!

January 28, 2013

It’s been awhile and I have to thank Darlene, a friend from the Korean Heritage House, for this “Maedeup Monday!”  She wanted a visual of the yeonbong maedeup.  She asked me for it many, many months ago and patiently waited for me to do it.

This weekend I finally decided to just do it and without any warning to Rocketman (who actually is the cameraman) I did it.  He had other things on his list (taxes) but put it all aside to help me with the video. 

This is really how I learned maedeup.  I would video Su-Mi, my Korean maedeup teacher, creating the knot and then spent the rest of the week playing and replaying the video.  I would stop it as needed as I tried to recreate some of the most difficult knots and the joy I felt when I finally conquered a particularly difficult knot was simply the best feeling.

I did very little maedeup while living in Korea the last time in 2011-2012 and didn’t really pick it back up when we returned.  But shooting this video and the joy of the cording as it flowed through  my fingers has brought back the need much like reconnecting with an old friend.  I look forward to sharing more “Maedeup Monday’s!” this year.

Maedeup Monday!!

November 11, 2012

I bet you are wondering why I am have a picture of the latest (December) issue of O Magazine.  You will see it why on page 101.

Maedeup has made it to the big time!!!  See the garakji cuff links!!  I was so excited to see them.  Can you tell? 

It was a wild weekend weather wise here in Minnesota.  Saturday, we reached a record high of 67 degrees which was wonderful since the winters are so long here.  Then a front came through and we had a couple of tornadoes here in the Twin Cities Saturday night, something that had only had twice before.  Today, I woke up to big fluffy snowflakes.  It doesn’t get any stranger than that.

Maedeup Monday!! Crafty Cops!

November 4, 2012

My son, Luke, stopped by the other day and couldn’t wait to show me this bracelet that a police officer friend of his had made.  Can you guess what this is made from?  Parachute cording.  It was very, very stiff but one of the coolest things I had seen in a long time.

This is the clasp.  I can’t tell you how excited I was to know that there is a police officer somewhere in Minnesota making these for friends and collegues.  I was also excited to share this with you to show you that crafters come from all demographics.  You never know when you might meet a crafty soul like yourself.

Maedeup Monday!

October 21, 2012

Because it’s been forever and because I received a wonderful email I decided it was time for a “Maedeup Monday!”  I’ve been spending my time preparing for my bojagi pouch class this Saturday at the Korean Heritage House in St. Paul.  I’ve got the kits all ready to go and am now just printing out the instructions.  The class is from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.  I’d love to see you there.

But back to that email, I received a lovely email from Amanda who enjoyed my “Maedeup Monday’s” while researching maedeup for a project she was working on.  She shared the maedeup pictures with me and you can see the results here.  All I can say is AMAZING and thank you so much Amanda for sharing it with me along with your kind words.

Maedeup Monday!

September 16, 2012

 I was looking for something in my craftroom and found a box of Dongsimgyeol maedeup.  I thought they woul look so cool in a bracelet.  It would be like wearing a rainbow.  I also love the meaning of this particular maedeup.  Dongsimgyeol maedeup signifies good luck so it’s a bracelet full of good luck.

                                                          It’s available in my Etsy shop.


Today the new refrigerator and stove came.  They called me 45 minutes before they came so I was able to empty the refrigerator right before they got there.  I thought I would just open the fridge and reload it with my stuff.  Nooooooooo.

When I opened the door, I was welcomed by blue tape holding everything down.  It was everywhere and took me an hour to completely remove.  Now all we need to do is decide on a floor color and get that going.  I’m seeing an end to our “eating Korean style” (sitting on the floor).  I’ll take pictures when everything is complete.

Maedeup Monday!!

September 2, 2012

Having Noah here was a great reason to dig out my findings and do a little maedeup.  I decided to have Noah make a necklace for his mom.  He picked out the cording colors and the findings.  He was so excited!  The necklace was done using the hapjong maedeup and the garakji maedeup.  Hapjong maedeup is pretty easy and he caught on quickly. 

We made the necklace together.  I held the necklace while directing him as to where to place the cording.  I finished the necklace for him and you should have seen his face as he presented it to his mom.  She loved it and the moment was priceless!

My Sunday

July 22, 2012

was spent setting up my maedeup cording.  Originally, it was going to be in the basement but when Rocketman called me down, I knew something was up.  It turned out that there was not enough wall room so he suggested our guest bedroom.  At first, I thought that was a terrible idea but since we don’t have guest sleeping over too often, it became the perfect solution.  This is the before picture.

Louie came in and was pretty curious about the room.  We normally keep the guestroom door shut.  He walked around checking the place out as I unloaded and unrubberbanded (is that even a word) bundle after bundle of cording.  I thought it would take a few hours but it ended up taking most of the day.

Here it is all finished.  I just love all the colors.  I just hope our houseguests don’t mind too much.  I can’t believe my crafts have truly taken over the house.  I wouldn’t have it any other way but I wouldn’t ask Rocketman if I were you.

                                    Louie ended up here in our bedroom.  He’s got it tough.

Maedeup Monday and a Giveaway!

May 28, 2012

I haven’t had a “Maedeup Monday” for a long time so this post was long overdue.  I was organizing my craftroom when I found some garakji maedeups that were probably meant for earrings at some point.  I also had a stash of beadpens and my mind thought that these would go together and they do.  It took only minutes to put together and I love the results.

I also haven’t done a giveaway for a long time so I’m going to remedy that also.  Just leave a comment here on this blogpost and you will be eligible to win the beadpen.  I will choose the winner this Friday at 10:00 CST.

Rocketman is taking a little rest today.  He spent the weekend painting one of our bathrooms.  I want to remove all the wallpaper in the house and paint.  So all we (or I should say he) has left to do is the master bedroom, downstairs bathroom and kitchen.  I removed the wallpaper but that’s only a small part of the job.  He washes the walls twice, fills the holes and paints the walls twice.  It will take awhile to complete all of this work but I’m loving the blue paint in the bathroom.  I’ll post a picture when it’s finished.

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the yard, pulling weeds and trimming trees and bushes.  It’s amazing how wild the yard got while we were in South Korea. 

Maedeup Exhibition in Insadong

November 4, 2011

 Nan-Young and Young-Soo rearranged my schedule so they could take me to a maedeup exhibition in Seoul.  Young-Soo drove and she was pretty careful.  We left around 9:45 am and the traffic was still pretty bad.  We got to Insadong and parked and that is when I realized we had no idea where to go.

 So while the three of them figured it out.  I took a picture of how I want my windows at home to look like when we return.  Do you think Rocketman will go for it?

                                            It can’t be far, we’re already in Insadong.

 Then we started walking and I kept my camera ready to take pictures and it’s a good thing I did or

I would have missed this
and this grandmother and yes, her hair was really lavender.

                               But we finally found the exhibition.  Just follow the flower stands.

                                 We found a lot of maedeup so I started taking pictures…

 … until they told Nan that I couldn’t take pictures.  But I was already done.  They had an exhibition book for 15,000WON ($13.00 USD) and I was going to buy one when they gave me three free.  It sure is great being the foreigner.

               Then we did some shopping in Insadong.  These are suppose to cure whatever ails you.

                                                  I love looking at bojagi and chasu.

 Soon it was time to go.  It was lunchtime and I was hungry but they said we would eat at Young-Soo’s.

 Young-Soo needed to stop at a rest area so we stopped for coffee.  I found this adorable puppy on a table with a young couple. 

I had noticed on the ride into Seoul that Young-Soo’s gas tank was near empty and I was really worried when we started to leave the rest area without stopping for gas.

I told her to get gas and she pulled up to a pump.  The service guy came over and I rolled down my window and said, “ca-duke-e-o.”  Young-Soo just about fainted until I grabbed a bunch of money to show her I would pay.  I had thought about all the kindness that had been shown to me, especially this week, and it was time for me to give back.

They were SHOCKED that I knew what that meant until I explained how I was in the car every week and Rocketman would say the same thing to the gas station attendant.  I don’t remember in recent history seeing Young-Soo so happy.  I don’t think she usually puts much gas in her car and it made me feel so good to put that huge smile on her face.

 Sometime during the rest of the drive back to Suwon, it was decided that we would go out to lunch.  We ended up at this little hole in the wall place near E-Mart, which was way out of the way.

                                            Nan-Young was tired and so was I.

                                     It was about 2 pm and the place was pretty deserted.

                                                        Can you find the napkins?

                           Again, can you find the napkins in this photo?  It’s on top of the rice cooker.

 We went mainly vegetarian.  The halmoni (grandmother) also brought us a delicious stew.

  / I couldn’t believe Young-Soo got that huge piece of veggies into her mouth.  The halmoni was so thrilled that I was there.  I was her first foreigner.  She kept coming over to our table with a huge smile and would wait for me to take another bite of something.  I was full and couldn’t put another bite in my mouth when  she grabbed some chopsticks, filled it with some veggies and placed it right in front of my mouth so I had no choice but to eat it.  It was delicious, of course.  But that was a first. 

 Nan-Young and Young-Soo loved the marinated leaves and so they bought a bag of them.  I paid for lunch. 

 This is where the halmoni did all the cooking.  She was a one person restaurant too.

 Nan-Young gave her one of her pins that she had been wearing.  I just love seeing things like that.  The halmoni was really touched.

                                                         Here is the front of her restaurant.

 Afterwards, we went to a huge grocery store.  This is a picture of the elevator.  It was the largest I had ever seen.

 I came home with these for me and Rocketman.  They were only 5000 WON (4.50 USD).

 And this golden frog from the same vendor.  Nan-Young and Young-Soo really were giving him the business to get him to give me a frog.  I know they mentioned I was an American to which he looked up and pointed to tons of foreigners that are in Insadong every day, so they brought up that I had been on American television and he finally gave them one.  I felt bad about it but they were thrilled that he had gave in to them.  He is a cute little guy.

It was a fantastic day and I got home around 5pm exhausted and happy.