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Minnesota State Fair – Part 4- The People

September 1, 2010

We found tons of people at the Minnesota State Fair.

We love to get above the fair and look around. It’s a fun ride except when it stops in midair. It doesn’t help that I’m not fond of heights.

I loved this sign: NOT as seen on TV.

We met some pitchmen. They are always fun to watch. I miss Billy Mays.

The Shamm-Wow guy was there.

And then there was the fudge guy.

We ran into an old friend, Jeff Loven. He’s amazing and do you know he turned down the opportunity to audition for Guns n’ Roses? True story.

He played at our daughter’s wedding.

We saw people flying through the air.

And on a float in a parade.

We saw a flamingo bike.

And a rooster bike. Sister 3 collects roosters and I bet she would have loved to add this to her collection.

I waited in line to get my picture taken with my favorite news anchors from WCCO television. This is Mike Max, a sports reporter.

This is Amelia Santaniello, half of the husband and wife anchor on WCCO. She and hubby, Frank, arrived late due to the record traffic so she wasn’t able to be at the photo op.

But as luck would have it, the camera broke when it was my turn and as Mike Max and I were waiting for it to be repaired, Frank popped in. Mike asked me if I knew Frank Vascellaro and I was shocked to turn and there he was!!
We got to talk a long time and then he saw that Sister 2 was taking pictures so he called her over.

We took the picture in true Korean style. They were such good sports. I left and I don’t know if they ever did get the camera working but it sure worked out for me.

Minnesota State Fair – Part 3 – The Animals

August 29, 2010

The State Fair is also about animals and we took time to visit several including this beautiful horse.

At the newborn barn, you could pose with baby animals.

Found some darling baby ducklings.

Newborn goats.

Newborn sheep. I actually saw one being born but it was pretty messy so I didn’t want to shock anyone.

Newborn piglet.

Mama pig in a birthing pen. The laboring pig lays on her side in her own metal platform pen and water squirts on her as she labors. The piglets seem to know right where to go as soon as they are born. We were told that this pen keeps the mama pig from squishing her newborn piglets.

Minnesota State Fair – Part 2 – The Crafts

August 28, 2010

Besides the food at the fair, my most favorite thing is to walk through the Creative Activities building. Sister 2, not so much, so she sat inside the building watching and learning how to weave while I walked the building taking pictures and ooing and ahhhing over all the creativity.

When we first walked in we saw this huge knitted fish.

I loved the embroidery done in this quilt.

The food entries are also in this building.

These were kept in a refrigerator room.

They must have had a special request of the quilts to make quilt fly swatters. They were darling.

This was my favorite too and it won some awards.

Lots of cute ones. I love spending time in this building.

Minnesota State Fair – Part 1 – The Food

August 27, 2010

I went to the Minnesota State Fair yesterday with Sister 2. We didn’t eat any breakfast in anticipation for the food we would find at the fair. The fair did not disappoint. This post is devoted to all the food we saw and ate at the fair.

Well, this is Minnesota.

Our first buy was potato skins.

We split an order and they were delicious.

Next stop, spaghetti. Why not.

We each had a bowl of spaghetti and it too was delicious.

Sister 2 had to have her deep fried Twinkie. She loved it.

Still not sure about SPAM prepared this way. Although I do love SPAM now thanks to South Korea and all the SPAM I ate while living there.

Last year I didn’t have a pronto pup but I did this year.


New this year, mashed potatoes on a stick.

Oh no, we didn’t try this. We still prefer the term casserole even though we both has lived in Minnesota decades.

Sister 2 wanted these. I was grossed out but indulged her.

We got the gourmet pickles with the cream cheese centers.

They don’t look too bad.

They tasted delicious.

What??? Fried fruit. Hmmm.

Sister 2 also wanted a deep fried Snicker’s bar.

Oh yeah!



August 30, 2009

I spent Friday at the Minnesota State Fair with my sister. My niece and her boyfriend also went with us but magically disappeared as soon as we entered the fairgrounds.

The fair is all about the food. This was some of the entries for State Fair ribbons. I always wonder what happens to all this food after the fair. Do you pick up your entry after the fair (I don’t know if I would still want to eat it) or do they toss it?

I’ve never had cookie bars look this uniform.

When I saw this stand I thought I was back in Korea. They LOVE SPAM in South Korea. The stand even had a line!

In keeping with my old Korean blog where I took a picture of just about every meal we ate out, this is a chicken fajita. Yummy.

We also had fish n’ chips with lots of packets of tartar sauce. We are both sauce girls.

Potato skins with sour cream, cheese and bacon.

My sister Wendy HAD to have this. It is a deep fried Twinkie. It did not sound good to me at all.

But she LOVED it.

I warned her that I would be spending a lot of time here and she was lucky enough to find a place to sit. But then she got impatient and came looking for me. She couldn’t believe I was still looking at the exhibits.

These darling mice were felted.

More felting.

Polymer clay Bottles of Hope. Our South Korean mover refused to ship my polymer clay back to the States. It was on a list of items that the U.S. would not allow from South Korea so I ended up giving it to one of my Korean girlfriends. So I find myself for the first time in 20 plus years without a brick of clay in my house.

My favorite thing to look at the State Fair is the quilts and this year there were plenty to look at.

This was my favorite and it also won a first place blue ribbon.

There was even scrapbooking at the fair.

More polymer clay.

This is rosemaling. I took lessons back in the early 1980’s and had forgotten about it until I saw this.

I saw a lot of cross-stitching. It has not been big since the 80’s but I believe the time has come for it to resurge again. While living in South Korea, I found many mom and pop cross-stitching shops. It was a craft I did in the 80’s.


I love this sweater. The colors and the design were amazing.

I love beading.

Honestly, I wasn’t in the Creative Activities building that long but I guess it seemed that way to my sister.

We also ran into some local celebrities like Tim Pawlenty, the Governor of Minnesota.

We also got to catch a little of my favorite news anchors, WCCO’s husband and wife team Frank Vascellaro and Amelia Santienello. They were having a blast doing a newscast.

Of course, I can’t leave out a picture of me with Wendy.

I saw many fair goers walking around with ShamWows. I had seen the informercial many times and I had to get one. We finally had to ask someone after searching to no avail. It happen to be a buy one, get one free so I gave my extra set to my sister. Big mistake. She and I had random sword fights throughout the rest of our time at the fair and yes, we did get a lot of strange looks.