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My Korean Quilt

August 25, 2010

It’s finally done. I had bought a bunch of Korean satin when we lived in South Korea with the intention of making a quilt. I made the quilt for the bed in our guest room which happens to be the Korean room since there are so many Korean things in it.

The pictures don’t really portray how bold and beautiful the colors are.

This stripe looks like I sewed all the stripes together but if you are Korean you may know what it is. It’s material they use for the sleeves of a hanbok and it comes striped. I used the material in the border of the quilt. I want to buy more of this next time I’m in Seoul.

I hired a gal with a long arm to quilt the piece for me. I could never make it look so nice just using my sewing machine. I’m just thrilled with how it turned out.


New Quilt

July 19, 2010

Shortly before we left for South Korea, I bought a quilt kit. I made the quilt while living in South Korea. I was a little nervous the first time I turned my sewing machine on as it was plugged into a transformer due to the voltage difference. But my sewing machine survived and worked just fine.

This is the back of the quilt. I have a gal who has a long-arm quilting business and she does all the quilting for me. I could never do anything like this with my sewing machine. I’ll be using this quilt to keep me warm during the long Minnesota winters.

Rocketman is back to normal and back to work. He took it easy all weekend although he did mow the lawn. He now is seeing pretty good out of the left eye. This is the one he had surgery on last Thursday. His prescription for is glasses is so messed up now that he popped the lens out of his left eye. I wonder if anyone will notice that at work. He can get new glasses in two weeks if there are no complications.

He is so anxious to do this but knows he has to wait. I feel so bad for him. He hasn’t had normal or good sight now for 13 months. He’s a real trooper.

The Quilt

March 21, 2010

I got the quilt sewn together and it turned out great!

The border is very special to me. The striped satin is common used for the sleeves on the Korean hanbok and was bought in South Korea. It really seemed to frame the quilt beautifully.

This is going to be the backing fabric. What a story this was. I thought I calculated correctly the amount of fabric I needed which was 4 yards and I went to the quilt store yesterday to find the backing fabric. I was surprised when this one caught my eye because I’ve never been a big fan of orange.
The store was packed and everyone was waiting for fabric to be measured and cut. I ended up waiting 20 minutes. I was also short again on black and found they had that restocked so I bought some more.
I got home and preshrunk the fabric. I laid the fabric over the quilt and saw that I had miscalculated by half. I needed another 4 yards. Did I ever mention math was my worst subject in school? Where is Rocketman when I need him?
So today as soon as the quilt store was open I was there. Luckily it wasn’t as crowded as Saturday. I had a swatch of the fabric and went to the section where I had purchased it yesterday. It wasn’t there. A shop employee even helped me looked. I couldn’t believe the entire bolt had been sold.
As I looked further around the room, I saw a fellow shopper with a bunch of bolts of material laying on a table and one of those bolts was my fabric! My stomach dropped and I felt sick. I got up my nerve and went over to her and asked her how much of that fabric she needed. She smiled and said that she just needed half a yard. I asked her if I could get 4 yards from it and she gladly handed over the bolt to me.
I quickly had it measured and cut, returning the bolt to her while thanking her profusely. I left the shop relieved and thinking that I had never had so much trouble with a quilt before. First not being able to find plain black fabric and then this. I’m glad I’m almost finished.
I have a few more things I finishing up and then I will email the lady that does the quilting for me with her long arm. She does a fantastic job.


March 18, 2010

I started out using my rotary cutter to cut out the satin into 4 1/2″ and 5″ squares. I had a very hard time finding black fabric. I called many quilt stores in the area and they were out. Finally, the fourth one I called had some so off to Stillwater, MN I went. I could have bought some at JoAnn’s but their quilt material isn’t as thick as you would find at a quilt store so I always opt to spent a lot more and get my fabric from a quilt store.

Louie was very intrigued with what I was doing.

He patiently watched as I pinned the fabric.

Here I put him on quality control as I sewed. He loved watching the fabric come through the sewing machine and not once did he put a paw on it.

Here is the top all finished except for the border. I’m working on that now. I have a professional long arm quilter who finishes my quilts for me. She does a fantastic job.
Yesterday I got an email from my 76 year old Korean yoga buddy. He fell a few weeks ago while hiking on the mountain behind his home and ended up in the hospital for a week. He had surgery and has a six week recovery. He is really looking forward to our visit.
When we lived in Korea, I honestly could not keep up with the guy. We would go to yoga every day where I groaned and moaned my way through the 1 1/2 hours only to stumble the 1 mile walk back to my apartment. Choi would walk an equal distance to his apartment, eat a little lunch and then hike his mountain for a few hours. I usually spent a hour or two on the couch recovering from yoga only to do it again the next day. I miss those days!