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Thankful Thursday!

January 31, 2013

I am so thankful for Rocketman and his love of photography.  I’m a “Point and Shoot” kinda gal.  Rocketman on the other hand loves a camera where you have to think before you shoot.  Things like lighting, f stops (no idea what that is) and then the software that goes with it all just puts a little boy grin on his face.  He loves that there is always something new to learn and always will be.

              These pictures were taken looking out our window into our crab apple tree.

And to think that his sight came very close to being completely taken away due to a detached retina in each eye.

                                                          His eyesight is far from perfect.

      But he never ceases to amaze me how with his imperfect eyesight, he takes such perfect photos.


Thankful Thursday!

January 24, 2013

I’ve really let my “Maedeup Monday’s” slid so I decided to start a “Thankful Thursday” with little things that I am thankful for.  For my first “Thankful Thursday!”, I am thankful and still get a thrill out of seeing one of my first booklets (This one from 2002) still in the polymer clay section of my JoAnn’s store. 

There is an interesting story that goes with that book.  I was participating in my first Designer Showcase at the Society of Craft Designer’s Convention.  Debra Nettles, then of Leisure Arts made an appointment with me to discuss my polymer clay work.  At the time, I had a line of “Babies of the Month” and she was interested in doing a booklet on them.  I would have had to give up all rights to the line and didn’t want to do that so the appointment ended with some disappointment on both sides.

Fast forward a few months and I got an email from Debra.  She told me that Leisure Arts wanted me to do a booklet of polymer clay miniature animals and the rest is history.  I went on to do five booklets with them.  Who would have thought that little meeting that I thought went so wrong turned out to go so right.