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And So It Begins

January 29, 2013

Last night before The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (a guilty pleasure of mine) came on, Rocketman sat me down for my first lesson in Korean.  He was so patient as he explained the symbols to me and with each of my many questions.  This is not going to be easy and finding the time to dedicate to it will also be challenging.
                      But I have a lot of incentives sitting on the shelves in my craft room like this

                                                                              and this

and this which is just a small portion of my Korean book collection.  Wish me luck because I’m going to need it.

When I told my mom about this, her response was classic Vivian, “Don’t you think you are a little too old?”  She really cracks me up sometimes.  But if our dream is to someday live in Korea for at least part of the year, then it really makes sense that I learn Korean.


Birthday Party!

January 22, 2013
We celebrated our daughter’s birthday a few days after the fact.  We picked up Italian from one of their favorite restaurants for dinner.  We ate pizza, calzones, pasta, Italian beef and Caesar salad.  All of it was delicious.
Little Ezra had fun showing us his new skills.  He could barely contain himself (insert snort).  My attempt at humor.
A few week prior, Noah and I worked on a birthday present for his mom.
He picked out all the colors and I helped with stringing and finishing the necklace. His mama loved it.

Happy Birthday Laura June!!!

January 14, 2013
Happy Birthday Baby Girl!  We love you so!!!!

Have You Ever Bought Yourself A Christmas Gift?

January 5, 2013
Even though I live within an hour of the Mall of America, I rarely go there.  But when Sister 2 called and had some errands out there way, I jumped at the chance to go.  I’d never been there during the Christmas season and I was excited to see the decorations.
One of my favorite stores, thanks to Wendy, is Local Charm which is filled with jewelry made by  artists.  Heaven.  The last time were were there together she was telling me of an artist that used metal from Korean war planes to create jewelry.  She had already purchased a few pieces and I loved them.  I was see what they had available. 
But when we arrived, we were told he was all sold out.  Apparently, we are not the only ones in love with his jewelry and it goes quite quickly.  So on this trip, it was THE place I wanted to hit.  We were not disappointed.
Score!!!  I bought these earrings.  They come with a picture of the plane.
I also couldn’t pass up this necklace.  Since the metal is aluminum, it is very lightweight. 
The artist, Jerry Moran, calls himself “an ordinary guy” to which I object.  His work leaves me breathless and digging in my purse for my credit card.  He has a website which shows his latest designs and also offers ordering information.
Local Charm delicately wrapped my purchases and placed them in a beautiful bag.  I added a tag and placed the bag with other Christmas presents.  Rocketman was surprised that I had did that because it’s something I never do but he loved the jewelry also especially after hearing what material is used in creating the jewelry. 
Jerry Moran, he’s my type of repurposer and I look forward to adding to my collection.


Krafty Aunt Kathy

January 1, 2013
When we were home for the holidays, we were invited to my Uncle Larry and Aunt Kathy’s house for a Christmas party.  We had a wonderful time with lots of food and relatives.  We hadn’t seen most of them since our year in South Korea.  I was shocked to find out that my Aunt Kathy who I’ve known, well let’s not go there, a very long time is a crafter!  She took us into her craft room and showed us these beautiful wreaths she had been making.

 I was in love along with my sisters.  There were gorgeous!  And her craftroom was spotless, definitely putting mine to shame.  It was so organized too again putting mine to shame.  Rocketman thinks I just have too many things but that’s a whole another story. 

I came home with this one.  She can make them for any season and in any color.  I told her she should open an Etsy site and sell them.  What do you think?

Merry Christmas!

December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas everyone!!!  This was given to me by a friend who knew I would appreciate the craftiness!  May all your Christmas wishes come come true.

Thank You Grandma

December 22, 2012

I was out the other day shoveling the coating of snow we had received the night before when I noticed a couple bird flocking to the huge tree in our front yard.  As I shoveled back and forth down our driveway, I noticed more and more birds in the tree.

What surprised me the most was that I was basically scraping the driveway with each pass making a loud scraping noise.  Usually this would drive birds away.  Soon I found the top of the tree covered with birds.  It was a pretty windy day and they were holding on for dear life.  I ran to grab my camera to get a shot of it.

It made me think of my Grandma whose been gone for many years now and how she loved to watch the birds outside her window.  They brought her so much joy along with of course, “Days of Our Lives.”  I just knew she sent them to me to let me know that she was thinking of me.  It made the shoveling go a lot faster thinking of her and the memories we shared.  Thank you, Grandma.  I miss you so much!

My Favorite Things – Part 2

December 5, 2012

watercolor journal - silk
Sue Bleiweiss creates the most amazing journals and books.  I bought one of her journals before our move to South Korea and filled it with memories. 

Amethyst Earrings, Cascade, 14K Gold-Filled, February Birthstone
I found Rae’s jewelry while living in South Korea in 2007.  She also was living in Korea at the time and I love her style.  She is now living in the States just like myself.

Dragonfly Fairy Door Kids Wall Art Room Decor
Have you ever heard of fairy doors?  I have one of Kim’s in my craftroom to the delight of Noah, my grandson.  They truly are magical.

Bichon Frise and Snowman Handsculpted Clay Figurine
Ginny makes the cutest polymer clay figurines.  Years ago, I bought a bichon frise pen which reminded me of our bichon, Daisy.  I still have the pen although sweet Daisy crossed the rainbow bridge in 2007.
Holiday star - Thin maple stripe wood christmas ornament
Love, love, love this.  Lucie also makes gorgeous jewelry.

White Kitten in a Stocking Cat ACEO Christmas Mini Paper Sculpture M Ross
Can you believe this is made from paper?  Simply amazing by Matthew Ross

.Teddy Bear Plushie Kawaii Style Creamy Cuddle Sherpa Fur Bear Small JACK
I just want to cuddle him.  I love Bijoukitty!

Kids Bright Orange Bird Stuffed Animal Childrens Handmade Plush Toy
I bought one of these for our grandson, Ezra.  Soooo cute!  You can buy them in all sorts of colors here.
Little Red Riding Hood hand made polymer clay brooch. Made to order piece of wearable art
                                                I want this so badly!

Miniature Cottage on Hill with Toadstools Teapot OOAK by C. Rohal
                                        and ANYTHING from here

My Favorite Things – Part 1

December 5, 2012

I thought I would share some of my favorite Etsy vendors. I LOVE Etsy! Cardinal in a Birch Forest Polymer Clay Pendant
These beads are made by Humblebeads.  Heather works in polymer clay and I have bought from her countless times over the years.  Her work is gorgeous.

Mr. Rudolph reindeer earrings
These were just too cute to pass up.  They are so lightweight and I can’t wait to wear them. You can find her Etsy site here.

Dragonfly Fern Porcelain Pendant
Another place I’ve done a lot of shopping through the years, Joan Miller Porcelain.  I adore her!

Comfy mittens in the shades of autumn
Even though I’m a knitter, I couldn’t pass up these darling gloves.  The color and the price was all it took.  I love them.  You can find them here.

Alphabet A-Z Children Of The World With Their National Costume 8x10 Wall Art Poster
I love this and it’s perfect for a child’s room.  You can find it here.

Standing Bracelet Holder Organizer Storage Display Oak
I love this bracelet holder. Now to fill mine up with bracelets!  You can find it here
Soap - Goldfish in a Bag  Soap - Glycerin Soap - Handmade Soap -
I bought this for our grandson, Noah.  I thought it was the coolest thing I had seen in a long time.  You can find them here.

SALE 6 Mrs Claus Cookies Votive Candles Vanilla Scent

I love the candles of Woodcrafts and Candles!!  I’ve bought lots of the votive sets and they are fantastic.  The fragrances and how long they last plus the price keeps me coming back again and again.

The polymer clay pendants of Heather Wynn Millican just make me smile!

Wooden Hand Painted Snowman Ornament

Handpainted and soooo cute, I love these.  Steph’s Keepsakes has the cutest ornaments along with other items. 

Kid’s Art Hankerchief Wall Quilt

December 4, 2012
This was such a fun project to do with my grandson, Noah.  I hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it.  You could also just use one hankerchief and make a pillow.  I Love To Create provided the fabric markers and I bought the hankerchiefs from Walmart.  I used fabric from my stash.

Tulip Fabric Markers
6 hankerchiefs
2 1/2 yds. white fabric
2 yards fabric for sashing
1 5/8 yards for the border
Sewing machine, needles, thread, and ruler
Foamboard and masking tape – optional

1. Prewash the hankerchiefs and fabric before you begin.
2. The hankerchiefs are very thin so to prevent bleeding onto your surface I used a piece of foam board, cut slightly larger than the hankerchief.  Then use the masking tape to tape the hankerchief to the foamboard.

3. Next the fun part, coloring the hankerchiefs.  Noah worked really hard and did a great job.  Try to color at least 1/2 inch from the borders.

 4.  After all six hankerchiefs are colored, use the white fabric to cut out six squares the size of the hankerchiefs.  This will reinforce the hankerchiefs because of how thin they are.
5. Pin wrong sides together and baste a 1/4″ seam around the entire hankerchief.
6.  Remove pins and repeat for all six hankerchiefs.

 7. Lay out the hankerchiefs to determine how you want them to look.

 8.  I used a 2″ sashing and a 1″ border.  You can do whatever you wish.  I used cotton batting and my walking foot on my sewing machine to quilt.  I sewed around each hankerchief and around the entire border to quilt.

9.  I also used this method to make tabs at the top of the quilt to make it easy to hang.

And Noah for all his incredible hard work was able to pick out a Legos set of his choice within reason.

                                This is what he chose and we had a great time putting it together. var _gaq = _gaq || []; _gaq.push([‘_setAccount’, ‘UA-8725264-4’]); _gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’]); (function() { var ga = document.createElement(‘script’); ga.type = ‘text/javascript’; ga.async = true; ga.src = (‘https:’ == document.location.protocol ? ‘https://ssl’ : ‘http://www’) + ‘’; var s = document.getElementsByTagName(‘script’)[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s); })();