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Messy Eater

September 15, 2009

We had a visitor on our deck the other morning and he left quite a mess. It is Fall here in Minnesota although this last week has been more like summer. Temperatures have been in the 80’s with humidity. The air conditioner hasn’t run much this summer but we’ve had in on the past few days.

Our apartment in South Korea did not have central air so we had wall units in the bedrooms and a floor unit in our living room. We ran them all the time due to the summer heat and humidity. It would have been nice to open the windows once in a while but our apartment faced a busy street and there was always lots of car honking going on. The buses honk so much that they have a fader on the horn so the longer they press the horn the quieter it becomes. It was still annoying.

I revisited one of my old maedeup knots this week. I hadn’t done a gajibangseok maedeup (eggplant) knot for a long time. I had forgotten all the steps but luckily I have video of Su-Mi, my Korean maedeup teacher, completing each knot just in case I forgot.

This is a gajibangseok maedeup with ears just to make it a little more complicated. It is a wonderful knot to show off a favorite pendant. I’m working on some Christmas presents that will use this knot. Making gifts is a great way to practice maedeup and it’s never too early to think about Christmas.

Korea’s Big Bang

September 11, 2009


I miss the good old days when MTV played music videos all day long. While I lived in South Korea I fell in love with KPop. The music is catchy and I always found myself humming to the hit of the week. Now that I’m back in the States I still try to keep up with what’s hot in Korea. Big Bang is a Korean boy’s band and their latest hit is “Gara Gara Go.” I love this song and video.

Happy Birthday Honey!!

September 4, 2009

Here is Curt trying to be the next Brooks Robinson.


August 23, 2009

The craft world never disappoints when it comes to toys. I recently discovered the Zutter Bind-It-All on the Internet and had to find one. It is a binding machine which I can use to make my own photo albums, notebooks, calendars… anything you can think of that needs binding.

On a mission, I got into my car and I was off to my local Michaels store. I immediately headed for the scrapbooking aisles and carefully walked up and down looking carefully for it.. I finally asked a clerk and she went into the storage area to see if they had any. I waited for awhile which was no problem since there is always something interesting in a craft store. She came back with a similar machine made by Provo Craft. I had my heart set on the Zutter so I thanked her and left to drive over to the JoAnn store which was only a few blocks away.

JoAnn’s turned out to not carry any binding machines. I was disappointed and more determined than ever to find one. I searched on eBay and found one that came with a lot of extras (love that). You can also find videos on youtube on how to use it.

While I was in a spending mood, I decided to add the Zutter Dreamkuts. It cuts paper into 100 different sizes. I also found this on eBay. I want to make my own Christmas cards this year and this will help me out tremendously. I didn’t send out many Christmas cards while living in South Korea and the ones I did send were Korean and really cool looking. I want to get started on now because Christmas will be here soon.

Gifts from Afar

August 17, 2009

Curt was in Asia for business which included a stay at what was our home for two years, South Korea. He stayed at the Dormy in Suwon which is where we stayed while we waited the 5 weeks for our ocean shipment to arrive. He said it wasn’t the same without me there.

He also got to see our Korean friends a few times and came home with a suitcase full of gifts. Hellena is a flight attendant working for Quatar Airlines based in Quatar. She had to leave while we were in the States for a visit last Christmas so I haven’t seen her since December. She happened to be on vacation in Seoul when Curt was there. She gave me this beautiful perfume compact.

She also gave us a set of camels.

Their saddles open to a hidden compartment.

She also bought Curt this fancy bottle of cologne. It smells as good as it looks.

Next came gifts from Jennifer and Jeff. Do you know what’s in these?

Name stamps (dojong in Korean) in each of our names. Curt’s is on the left and mine is on the right.

The dojongs went together to make a heart.

Last but not least, this came from Hannah’s nephew who has been learning origami for seven years and is unbelievably talented. I have a few other pieces of his that I will include in a future blog. This came in a clear display ready to hang on the wall.

Hannah also picked up some Korean stickers.

Somehow she was able to find the OST of the Korean drama Full House which aired in Korea in 2004. It stars Rain and the music from the drama was fantastic. I still don’t know where she found this.

I had wanted some Korean stamps and she found some in Seoul.

She also enclosed this diary book with pictures from a Korean girl’s group called Girls Generation.
I left treasured friends in South Korea and I am so thankful to the internet that we can still keep in touch through SKYPE and email but it isn’t the same as dinner and coffee in Seoul. My heart aches for it at times.

Old Postcards

August 12, 2009

My grandfather collected postcards from all over the world. Most were purchased by him in his travels but he also saved ones that were sent to him by family and friends. The dates range from the early 1900’s through the 1940’s.

When I was a little girl, I loved to visit my grandparents and rifle through trunks and shelves in their basement. I found a bunch of old postcards throw into trunk and my grandmother let me have them. They fill an old shoebox and I just recently discovered them tucked away in my closet.

</THIS up a I div Illinois.

This postcard really shocked me. I can’t imagine driving into a new town and seeing that.

Postcards are a wonderful and inexpensive souvenir to remember your travels. I bought quite a few while living in South Korea but I don’t know where I put them. I’ll try to find them and post a few.


August 9, 2009

I wanted to share a recent email I received from someone who had found my Korean blog,
Dear Becky,

I just wanted to let you know that I spent a few hours last night reading your blog. I am Korean, but when I was 3, my mother married an American. I haven’t been to Korea since 1982, when I was 8. I have few, but fond memories of an old, pre-Olympic Korea.

Although my mother still spoke Korean and made Korean dishes, I am essentially American in all aspects. I’m what you call a “Twinkie.” Asian on the outside, White on the inside.

I have found your blog fascinating. It brought me to tears at times, remembering and envying. I laughed thinking that my mother did almost all the basic Korean stuff-dressing too fancy for casual things (when we went to Disneyland, we were dressed in our Sunday clothes!), being feisty yet demure.

Anyway. Thank you for writing. I don’t think I could ever convince my husband to move to Korea, but your blog definitely made my heart ache for it.


When I started my Korean blog, it was with the intention to keep everyone back home informed on our adventures and as a personal diary for me to look back on when memories fade. I never imagined my blog would impact people all over the world but that’s exactly what happened. Even though my Korean blog is no longer active, I still get emails from people who someone stumbled upon it.
I even received an email from a Hollywood screen writer with questions about the Korean culture. They were looking at remaking one of the popular Korean dramas. Many of the emails are from Korean Americans wishing to learn about their culture. It’s a wonderful feeling to share what I learned while living in South Korea.


July 7, 2009

One of the perks of traveling outside of the U.S. is to check out bookstores in other countries. I bought this book while visiting Taiwan. It was in the Illustration section of the bookstore and it’s filled with color palettes.

Sometimes the biggest obstacle for me when starting a maedeup or beading project is determining the color. What looks good with what.

Here is a page from the book.

They had several books like this and now I wish I had bought more. If I’m having trouble deciding about a color, I’ll ask Curt. He’s really got an eye for it and gives me an honest opinion. Speaking about eyes, his eye is healing nicely and he has adjusted to driving while only being able to see out of one eye.

A Sucky Week

June 29, 2009

I really couldn’t think of any other way to describe this past week except to be glad it is over. The deaths of Farrah, Michael and Billy (Mays) have left me so sad. As a teenager, I didn’t know a boy my age who didn’t have Farrah’s famous poster on their bedroom wall. I watched on television since I was a little girl. Remember the Jackson Five cartoon? I’ve been hooked on “Pitchman” which starred Billy Mays since it first aired.

We also had our own shock in our home this past week. Curt had taken the week off of work and on Wednesday he complained that his right eye was really scratchy and bothering him. We thought it was allergies but if it continued we would have him see my sister who is an optometrist.

Right before dinner, he complained about a black spot he was seeing and that his vision was blurring. Luckily, my sister had an opening that evening and he went in to see her. She called and said, “He has a retinal detachment and it’s very serious. He’s on his way to a retina specialist.” I knew what it was having a sister who is an eye doctor so I freaked out!

Curt called from the parking lot of the specialist’s office, waiting for him to arrive and open up the office. He was really calm about it all. The doctor took a look and said he had to have surgery the following morning. The next morning the black area had grown significantly since the night before. Thursday morning we arrived at the eye clinic and the reattachment took 1 1/2 hours. He was awake for most of it. They reattached the retina which was torn in several places, pumped a gas into the eye to keep the retina attached and wrapped a band around his eye.

The hardest part of this whole ordeal is that he must keep that eye facing the floor to achieve the best results until the air bubble gets absorbed. I went out the same day and rented a chair that looks like a massage chair and he spends his day between that and laying with his head over the end of the couch with pillows supporting his head.

Thank goodness for his iPod where he has a lot of stored podcasts and movies to watch. He can’t watch television or even read a book. He has to keep this position for one week or more depending on how fast he heals. It is getting harder and harder each day but we take it one day at a time. He can get up to eat and use the bathroom. At night, he must lay on either side. So I’ve been waking up every few hours to make sure he doesn’t slip onto his back. He hasn’t yet and each day he heals a little more.

He will have to learn to live with virtually little vision in that eye for 3 months or more. It takes that long to heal from a detached retina. It’s a very serious condition and luckily we caught it quickly. He will be more near-sighted and will also develop cataracts at an earlier age.

If you want to see what an eye looks like after retinal reattachment surgery I took a picture of Curt’s eye. But if you are squeamish, don’t look!

On Friday, I got a call that my daughter and son-in-law’s car had been rear ended while at a stop sign. It was a hard hit but luckily they were both wearing their seatbelts and they were on the way to pick up my grandson. It looks like the car may be totaled but at least they were unhurt.

I could do with a little less excitement. I did work on my maedeup while sitting in the waiting room and a number of people came over to ask what I was doing. I always find that fun to share with others.
The actual detachment caused absolutely no pain.

1. Cupcakes

June 22, 2009

I love cupcakes! This gorgeous cupcake is the work of Bakerella. Whereas this cupcake is meant to be enjoyed by one lucky mouth (sadly, it’s not mine), I have found cupcakes that one can enjoy without the risk of unwanted calories. I am also here to prove the crafting and food go hand in hand.

How about a ceramic cupcake cookie jar!

My friend Holly makes the cutest lampwork beads.

I found this knitted cupcake here.

I will always be a big fan of polymer clay and what cuter than a polymer clay cupcake. You can see more here.

These cupcakes are made using two wash cloths. Aren’t they cute? I found them in here.

These cupcakes are soap and made with shea butter. You can find them at LoveLeeSoap’s etsy shop. I never knew you could create such things in soap. It makes me want to eat one. I have one of her cupcakes and I have to keep it away from my grandson. He thinks its the real thing.