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June 11, 2009

I had all my buttons in a plastic shoe box for years now so I finally decided to take the time to separate them by color and put them into plastic compartment containers. I bought these at Menard’s of all places but you can also use embroidery thread containers. It’s the same principle.

I inherited a large jar of buttons that belonged to my Aunt and Grandmother when my Aunt passed away a few years ago which makes the buttons even more special to me. I also have a bunch of individual buttons that you get when you buy clothing and I end up having no idea what button went with what top. It sure is nice to have them organized.



June 9, 2009

My husband’s job involves traveling to Asia from time to time. It was much easier when we lived in South Korea and the time difference was only 1 hour instead of 14 hours. Since the bird flu scare a few years ago, his company has provided a few days worth of Tamaflu in his travel kit.

His most recent trip was to China and because of the H1N1 virus his company gave him a additional ziplock bag to his travel kit. I took a picture of it which includes: Tamaflu, three masks, four disposable thermometers, an antiseptic spray and two pair of disposable gloves.

You Can Play With Your Food

June 2, 2009

I was sent these pictures from my friend Franny in Indonesia. I never thought of food as being art but look what I was missing out on. I think everything looks too good to eat. While living in South Korea, I did see a television show once that documented food stylist students. I had never heard of a food stylist until that show and it was amazing what they did to make all that food you see on television and in print ads look so realistic. Enjoy!

Too Much Stuff

May 27, 2009

Our ocean shipment finally arrived so I’ve been swamped finding a home for all my stuff for lack of a better word. I had my own idea of how I would unpack and dove into it without any thought beforehand. I would start in a room and unwrap items and either put them away or set them somewhere. When that room became overwhelming, I moved to another room and did the same thing.

My husband thought I should open and put away one box at a time but I disagreed. I felt I needed to see everything before I could decide where it should go. He was also at work most of the time so I proceeded to follow my pattern. It left the whole house a mess.

The first order of business was to find our mattress pad and sheets. We weren’t going to sleep on air mattresses one more night. It had been seven long weeks.

We also didn’t know that the day our shipment arrived, it ended up being 97 degrees. I thought it was a little hot but we were so busy we didn’t pay attention. Then at 7:00 that night, Curt (hubby) decided to turn on the air condidtioning after seeing the evening news. We had air coming through the vents but it wasn’t cold. Luckily, it was only a fuse and he was able to run to the hardware store and fix it.

I missed Louie, our cat (actually our son’s cat) while we were in South Korea and yes, he only has three legs. He loved playing in the paper and boxes and found a home in one of our dresser drawers.

He also approves our the new queen bed for our guest room. We bought this before the move so that people would have a place to sleep when they visit. It turned out that my Korean girlfriends spent the most time in this bed. We would have a lot of great sleepovers. I miss you Hannah, Hellena and Jennifer!

Cell Phone Charms from Korea

May 17, 2009

I bought a bunch of Korean maedeup cell phone charms at the Dongdaemum Shopping Market shortly before our move back to the States. This was the first thing I purchased during my first trip to Korea. I had it on my Korean cell phone (hand phone in Korean) and now have it on my U.S. cell phone. It has held up really well with all the abuse it gets. I’ve put some of them up for sale in my Etsy store. I bought so many things during our stay in Korea. Our ocean shipment is coming this Tuesday so we’ll see if I recognize everything I had bought.

Ocean Shipment is Coming

May 8, 2009

We have been home from South Korea for just over a month now sleeping on air mattresses while waiting for our ocean shipment. I just was notified that the shipment is going to be delivered May 15th. Thank goodness! I haven’t been crafting at all but cleaning the house. It’s a perfect time since we were gone almost two years to take a good look at everything and pitch or donate stuff. I am also giving the house a good cleaning including the closets and cupboards.

I did order myself a Mother’s Day present. Thank you Curt! I ordered a Paragon kiln so I can continue my chilbo (Korean enameling) here at home. My chilbo teacher put together a wonderful folder of information (although it is in Korean) with lots of pictures. I used to make glass beads so I had a kiln but it had a bead door which would make it difficult to use for chilbo.

I also have a bunch of unfinished maedeup (Korean knotting) jewelry waiting for me to complete. I started a lot of projects in Korea thinking I would work on it on the plane ride over (never did) and also once I was home. One of the things I love about maedeup is that even if you are interrupted for a few minutes to a few months, you can pull and it out and continue like you never left it. I do miss it like a good friend.

A New Chapter

May 5, 2009

I spent the last 21 months living in South Korea and learning as much about their culture as I could. I fell in love with Korean knotting called maedeup and took classes until I left just a month ago. I was lucky enough to have an American publisher who believed in me and maedeup. The picture above sums up how I spent most of 2008. My first maedeup book!

It will be out September 2009 but you can pre-order it through Amazon by clicking the picture on the right. I never imagined how much work this would be since it is not my first book but my ninth. It was so different from what I usually write that I found it difficult at times to come up with the words to the step by step pictures. I knew what the picture was showing but how do I say that in English?

Also, having spent all my time where the primary language is Korean, my English had taken a beating. I had become used to speaking slowly and using simple words as much as possible in order to be understood. Even English words like hamburger are pronounced totally differently in Korea.

I’m glad to be home but I find myself missing Korea more and more each day. I learned a lot about the culture and the people during my stay. I also learned a few Korean crafts which I will share with you through this blog.

Hello world!

March 30, 2009

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!