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The Front Page!

December 6, 2012

I was contacted a few weeks ago by an editor at our local newspaper wanting to do a feature on me.  I was really excited to talk about Korea and all the things I did there.  We did the interview over the phone and I followed up by sending her some photos. 

I had not restarted our subscription to the Press so when I found out it was in this week’s paper I drove to the Press to restart our subscription and to pick up a few copies for me and the extended family.

                Only when I arrived home did I unfold the paper to find ME on the front page.

         The article continued on the back page of the newspaper along with a few more pictures.

You can also find the article online here.  It was really a thrill to see it and Kristine did a wonderful job of taking a hour long conversation and condensing it into wonderful story.  I hope you all enjoy it.


Another Farmer’s Market

September 16, 2012

I am so blessed to have two farmer’s markets within a few miles of my house.  The White Bear market is on Friday’s and the Mahtomedi Farmer’s Market is Saturday mornings.  We drive by it every Saturday on our way to Donatelli’s for lunch.  I finally talked Rocketman to leave a little early for Don’s so we could stop by.

 It had alot of the same things as the White Bear market but it also had a few crafters.  I picked up a loaf of homemade bread and a cookbook.  I’m a sucker for cookbooks.

We were invited to a birthday dinner at Don Julio’s in White Bear.  I was amazed at the server’s ability to balance four, right out of the oven, hot plates so I quickly snapped this shot.  I love how all you need to do is look around you to see talent of every day folks just like ourselves.  It’s an amazing world we live in.

Farmer’s Market

September 13, 2012

I love our Farmer’s Market here in White Bear Lake.  It runs on Friday’s from 8:00 am to 12 pm from the end of June until October.  It gets pretty crowded so I suggest you get there early for a great parking spot.

 The flowers are always beautiful and I usually buy some but with my kitchen still a mess, I passed.

It was a glorious day with clear skies and temperatures in the 70’s.  Lots of people bring their dogs and I love seeing all the different kinds.

                                           I bought some corn which we’ll eat this weekend.

The produce was really amazing and the prices were great too.

Plans for the weekend is for Rocketman to finish up the painting, removing the blue tape (why it takes the paint we’ll never know) and maybe getting the family room back together.  I’ll take pictures when it’s complete.


December 12, 2010

This is what I was doing while we were getting 17+ inches of snow. I found this darling pillow in a quilt magazine. It was easy to do and turned out so cute.

I also had to snow blow three passes to get our driveway clear yesterday. Today I woke up to this and it was as high as my waist. It took the better part of an hour to clear. It also didn’t help that the temperature was 5 degrees. Look at my poor mailbox.

Do, Do, Do, Lookin’ Out My Back Door

December 12, 2010

This is my deck after the blizzard of 2010. We’ve never had the snow piled so high.

I stuck my yardstick to see how tall it was. I was shocked to see it 25 inches. I have been out since the blizzard and it’s still dangerous. At the end of our street, the snow is so high that you have to pull out into the intersection to see if there is a car coming. The snow is as tall as my car.

It is also in the single digits with it -20 below at night. This means the salt that the snowplows has put down will not melt the snow or ice. That makes driving on side streets very dangerous. It’s slow going if you don’t want to get into an accident. The weatherman said tonight that the temps will be below normal the rest of December.

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

November 13, 2010

We woke up this morning to a beautiful sight! Snow! And lots of it! It was the heavy, wet variety.

I have a cranapple tree that I can look out at from our computer room. I saw that the branches were occupied by 10-20 birds just sitting there. Rocketman grabbed his camera and began to shoot.

We would have rather stayed in but it was Saturday which meant a trip to Donatelli’s for lunch. I wish I would have brought my camera because we were shocked to see many huge tree limbs down even some taking out power lines.

We had to drop off some homemade salsa at my sister’s house for her fiance who was visiting from Wales. He loves my salsa. We got stuck turning into her driveway and then stuck in the middle of the road. We had two cars come behind us so I called her and told her I left it at the end of her 1/4 long driveway.
Then we couldn’t get unstuck. Finally, the two cars behind us backed up and drove away which allowed us to back up and drive away also. Rocketman is out blowing the driveway and from the looks of it, it looks like we got over 10 inches and counting since it’s still snowing. It is beautiful, though.

What I Love and Hate about Fall

September 30, 2010

I love my red maple. The leaves turn a beautiful shade of red. My favorite tree is a sugar maple
and when we built our house we planted two and they both died. There must be something wrong with our soil because our neighbors down the street have two beautiful sugar maples in their front yard.

I love my hydrangea bush and the beautiful colors it turns in the fall. I love that I don’t have to mow every few days when Rocketman is out of town. I love watching the squirrels working busily gathering up nuts for the long Minnesota winter. I don’t like that they sometimes choose my deck railing to crack open the nuts. I love the crisp feel of the fall air as I go on my daily walks. I love the leaves as they rain down on me as I walk.

But I hate the box elder bugs. Our house faces north so the southern sides gets invaded by tons of these little buggers. They even manage to find a way into the house especially the basement. I have a shop vac ready to suck them up.
But the ones that get into the upstairs have Louie to contend with. He loves to play with them and then eat them. I don’t watch because at that moment I do feel bad for the box elder bug.

Marketfest 2010 – Last One

July 29, 2010

Who did we see this last night of Marketfest?? Why, it’s the Executive Chef of Donatelli’s, our favorite restaurant. She’s a little camera shy.

But a good sport anyway.

They have a section where antique cars are displayed.

I’m always looking for a 1970 Red Ford Maverick which was my first car but I’m always disappointed. When I ask Rocketman why there is never one there, he asks, “Why do you think?” Hmm.

Also saw this Mohawk dude. I wanted to ask him how long it took him to style his hair in the morning. I heard Pauly D say that it takes him a half hour to style his hair. I’m sad it’s the end but it will be back again next year.

Marketfest 2010 – 7/22/10

July 24, 2010

Only one more week left of Marketfest and we were lucky to have our grandson, Noah, to take along with us this week.

Rocketman and Noah making their way to Marketfest.

Noah really want to do the bungee jumping. I asked and they said that he was old enough so Rocketman paid the fee and up Noah went. He loved it.

Noah also made a new friend, a 16 month old great dane. It was the largest dog I had ever seen and he drew quite a crowd.

Noah also had to check out the backside.

Cake on a stick!

Someone was selling puppets and Noah picked this one out. We had a blast as usual and hate to see it end next week. Summer is going way too fast!

Marketfest 2010 – White Bear Lake

July 4, 2010

Is there anything that Minnesota can not put on a stick?

Don’t get between Rocketman and his food!

My folks were up and they enjoyed Marketfest too.

Poor Rocketman has been spending the week fixing a computer problem I accidentally created. I have had my own laptop for about half a year and am now actively using it for my crafting. I’ve been working on a book proposal and thought I should activate an antivirus program. The computer came loaded with Norton’s but Rocketman liked Zone Alarm and we have that on our other computer. So I thought I could handle downloading Zone Alarm without Rocketman’s help (I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar playing in the background).

The downloading went fine and I was really proud as a peacock. I started working and Norton’s kept popping up to install. So I figured out how to uninstall Norton’s and still impressed with myself I dug into my proposal again. Suddenly a blue screen came up and the computer shut down and rebooted. This happened every 5 to 10 minutes. I lost a lot of well thoughtout (at least I thought so) words. Many I still can’t recall. I started to save after a few sentences. This went on all day until Rocketman came home from work.

I sadly explained what I had did and how I thought I could install an antivirus software program myself (apparently not). He spend the rest of the week up until today fixing the mess I made. It turns out that Zone Alarm is not compatible with Windows 7 although they won’t admit that. Rocketman had to clean my computer out and rebuild the whole thing. He was chatting with Zone Alarm for hours. But as of a few minutes ago, my computer is back to where it was.

Don’t you just love computers? I don’t!